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Tacos on Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday is somewhat a tradition in our house. We go through phases with it, but since my youngest eats pretty much anything in taco form (he’s picky otherwise), it’s pretty consistent.

This week I decided to go with Fish Tacos.

Mahi Mahi was our fish of choice. The Husband’s request, actually. He’s turning into quite the seafood guy in his old age. Anyway, I coated it in flour, cornmeal, dried dill, dried thyme, and dried garlic, then pan-fried it in some grapeseed oil.

Holey Moly, did it come out fantastic! Here’s a fillet over the slaw I made.

Fried mahi mahi over broccoli slaw with a Sriracha-Yogurt sauce.

The slaw was just one of those pre-cut bags of broccoli slaw tossed with a simple dressing made with some yogurt, vinegar, maple syrup, poppy seeds, and dried tarragon.

The tarragon was a spontaneous decision. I have had dried tarragon in my spice cabinet for years, and for whatever reason, I thought of it today. It just felt like it would be a good addition.

I was right.

That sauce you see drizzled on the fish is a favorite of ours. It’s a simple mixture of yogurt, Sriracha, and lime juice. We use it as a dipping sauce for crab balls all the time.

I loved these tacos!

Fish Tacos

So did The Husband.

The kids were both a meh. But they tried them, and we enjoyed dinner together.

Well, most of us. The 15-Year-Old was at work! (still so odd for me to say out loud.) He got a job at a local snowball stand, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Sometimes he worries me because he’s, well, a very normal, moody, apathetic, 15-year-old.

Other times he’s my responsible, insightful baby, all grown up and mature!

Parenting is a trip, to say the least.

Anyway, overall a good busy day. I had a great face-to-face class this morning, got some grading done, squished in a run before a late-afternoon meeting, took the teen to work, made dinner, went for a walk with The Husband, and am now about to veg out watching some cheesy horror click on Netflix. What more could a girl ask for?

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I’m loving seeing your posts pop into my inbox again! Also, how the heck is the 15 year old 15?! He was a toddler when I started following you.

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