About RoniNoone.com

RoniNoone.com is my online playground to share recipes, cocktail ideas, photographs, and whatever else I feel like.

I don’t have any plans to blog regularly or post often, but I enjoy keeping up with web site development and WordPress. 

I did blog professionally from 2006 through 2016, but I have since archived or sold those blogs. Learn more about my blogging history here. 

Roni None Archived Screen Shot
Image is a screenshot of my google site archive.

About Roni

For Fun…

I teach tech💻, cook lots 👩‍🍳, make cocktails🍸, run 🏃‍♀️, lift heavy things🏋️, try to travel ✈️, and do #wycwyc 📗. 

Short and Sweet

Experienced Assistant Professor with a demonstrated history of working in higher education and the corporate environment. Strong education and technical professional skilled in Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Learning Management, Educational Technology, and Course Design.

Long Winded

I’m a highly technical, active, resourceful problem-solver who enjoys being creative and connecting with people. I thrive on reaching goals.

I’m a Teacher.

Besides teaching full-time as an Assistant Professor, I always volunteer for and accept any chance to present. Training is a passion of mine. I love sharing knowledge and have taught a range of topics from motivational soft-skills to technical how-tos. I have earned a Master of Science in Instructional Technology and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Informations Systems.

I’m an Entrepreneur.

In my 15+ year career, I’ve developed websites and multimedia projects for businesses and academia, instructed and developed curriculum at the college level, created and managed an annual 300-person event, and provided marketing solutions to franchise owners.

I’m a Geek.

Listing software proficiencies is silly. I have yet to meet an online or multimedia technology I couldn’t figure out. I enjoy being creative and learning new tools from graphics programs to web and programming languages and video editing.

I’m a Storyteller.

Blogging professionally, I have worked with various brands including Kellogg, ALDI, The Laughing Cow, Liberty Mutual, HumanaVitality, Weight Watchers, Kraft, Vitalicious, Subway, Johns Hopkins University, Quaker, Nutrilite, and Pom. Many media outlets have also featured my story, including CNN, the Today show, Inside Edition, Ladies Home Journal, Everyday Health, Woman’s World, Woman’s Day, and Wired.

I’m a Motivator.

I changed the course of my life by losing 70-pounds in 2005. I blogged the entire journey from couch potato to reluctant exerciser to marathoner to CrossFitter. My mission is to inspire and motivate people to reach their own goals, and in 2018 I became a certified personal trainer.

I’m an Adventurer.

Always exploring, I crave new experiences, and I thrive on change and challenges.