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Catching Snatches and Throwing Avocados

Wednesdays are my busy days. I have three face-to-face classes back to back, and it’s exhausting, in a good way!

I’d much rather be engaged all day than work solo in my office. Plus, the students have more work than I do with the semester wrapping up. My role shifts to more of a help desk position. Teaching technical classes and introduction to programming means I’m constantly problem-solving.

Wednesday is also one of my favorite days at the gym. We call it Weightifint Wednesday, and today was snatch day!

The snatch is the most technical lift I perform, and I’ve been learning it for ten years now. I equate it to a golf swing. It has taken me years to perform it kind of correctly and I’m still learning!

Does it sound strange to say I think it’s finally starting to click? I mean, ten years is a long time. I like to think of it like yoga. You don’t just do yoga. You practice it.

Anyway, after my long-ass day, I came home and made dinner. The 11-Year-Old wanted me to record again and was disappointed when I told him I needed a break. It made me smile, but I’ve recorded three videos this past week, and the whole family was in the kitchen with me. It was just too hectic.

I did snap some pictures though…

That was dinner, Shrimp Burrito Bowls, and they were a layered bowl of deliciousness!

Layer 1: Basmati rice with a touch of coconut oil and salt.

Layer 2: Shrimp cooked with peppers, onion, oregano, and cumin.

Layer 3: Mango Avocado Pico made with tomato, avocado, red onion, mango, lime juice, and salt. The mango was a last-minute addition. I had some frozen, so I just defrosted it in some hot water and chopped.

Layer 4: Sliced Avocado

Layer 5: A Yogurt Sriacha Sauce I made with Greek yogurt, sriracha, lime juice, and Old Bay.

The whole family liked this one. Although The Teen said, he prefers chicken or beef.

After dinner, it’s Game Night on Wednesdays. We randomly pick a person, and they get to choose the game. Tonight it was The 11-Year-Old’s pick, and he went with his favorite, Throw Throw Avocado.

This was the aftermath.

He’s not pouting. He’s recovering after chasing his brother around with an avocado.

Although he usually does pout because he never wins. At least he’s never won, until tonight! He was so happy to have finally beat his brother.

Anyway, it’s a great game, fast-paced, fun, and, well, you get to throw smooshy avocados at your kids. What’s more fun than that?

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I agree, Roni is an amazing cook.. so creative.. I have made so many of her recipes! Thanks Roni!

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