Full Days and an Empty Head

The last time I posted, it was April, and I honestly don’t know when or how May got here so fast.

Sometimes my days are so full I barely have time to think, and with our anniversary last week and social activities starting to pick back up, time feels as if it’s going by at warp speed.

There were a few times I sat down to write this past week, but I had nothing. I just looked at the blinking cursor and could not muster the energy to organize my thoughts in any cohesive way.

This empty-head syndrome, I call it, is happening to me a lot more these days, even in person. I simply don’t want to engage with people, and it’s a little scary for me as I’ve always been extroverted.

Honestly, I’m starting to remind myself of my Father when he was my age. Back then, I didn’t understand him. He never wanted to be around people or go places. Frankly, he just wanted to be left alone, play his guitar, and chill.

Now, I get it.

Anyway, this last week was pretty fantastic, even though I’m feeling blah today. The Husband and I low-key celebrated our anniversary last Wednesday by exchanging gifts at the end of a very long day.

The Husband and I freshly Married – April 28, 2001

He appreciated the twenty random things that reminded me of him, and he did something similar for me! He, however, incorporated a poem he wrote. He’s always been good at cheesy, punny homemade cards, and I love them. I have every poem he’s ever written me saved in a drawer.

Over the weekend, our close friends, who we cooked for on their anniversary, cooked for us. What they prepared would rival any restaurant.

And now I can’t wait to return the favor (again) and pull together a menu for our next dinner party.

Speaking of, I also can’t wait to get back to the Dinner Party Idea Book I started last fall. Using the months for inspiration, I’m pulling together fun dinner party menus that include a cocktail, appetizer, salad, main, and dessert. It will probably take me a few years to finish, but it’s such a fun project, and I enjoy the processes of testing recipes and cooking so much!

Sunday, I headed out on my traditional weekly trail run.

It is amazing how much I NEED this time in the woods every week.

I’ve had company the last few times I headed out, but I think I need to get back to going solo now and then as well.

See, this is what I’m talking about. I was so excited last year to start a little girl gang of trail runners, and now that I’ve successfully done that, I feel over-saturated and don’t always want the extra responsibility or stress of managing other people on my runs.

Much like my dad, I just wanted to be left alone, walk around in the woods, and take pictures.

If I could do it every day, I think I would.

I’m tired of adulting.

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After working home for a year and staying in I am starting to feel the same way. I always loved hanging out with my friends, shopping on the weekends and the atmosphere of the office

Now…I think I am content with staying home with the cat and ordering stuff online. Oh…and not wearing pants..shorts and tee-shirts all the way.

And I have more time to play in the kitchen in the afternoons.

I do enjoy spending more time in my kitchen. But I miss the “old me” as well. I just can’t tell if I’m like this now because of the pandemic or it’s just my age. lol

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