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Finding My Voice (Again)

Nearly fifteen years ago, I was teaching full-time, chasing around a toddler, and managing two blogs. It was a different time then, blogging was just starting to be popular, and I enjoyed sharing and connecting online.

Now, I’m back in the classroom and trying to motivate a teenager while preparing his little brother for middle school. Life is just as crazy but different. The boys have their own hobbies, and the time we spend together is not as exhausting as it once was. We play games and talk about our days.

It’s nice and hard in a completely different way.

I can feel a shift coming as I approach the next stage of parenting. In two months, we say goodbye to elementary school forever. I’m about to have a sixth and a twelth grader on my hands. It blows my mind every time I think about it. There are days I walk into a room and get a flashback of old toys or their small little jackets. Oh! And Facebook memories do not help.

When I think back to my old blogging days, I can’t quite wrap my head around how much content I was able to produce. I posted daily on my weight loss blog and about three to four food posts on GreenLiteBites, one of them always being a video.

Tonight felt a little like those old days.

I had so much fun recording my cooking video on Frida that I decided to do it again. I can’t explain why I like sharing my food ideas, I just do, and this was an absolute blast to record.

Dinner was amazing, too. You need to try those zucchini fries!

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The first video of yours I’ve ever watched was the butternut squash one with The Toddler. Will the kids be in any videos?

I was a daily reader way back before your second son was born. So happy you’re back! Always found you grounded and real. I’ll be reading whenever you post!

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