Friday Fridge Clean-Out (video)

A few days ago I got this email from YouTube…

We noticed you haven’t posted any content to your YouTube channel, Roni’s Recipes, for several months, and have fallen below the eligibility criteria for YouTube Partner Program (YPP). We know monetization is important to you as a creator, so we want to let you know that unless you meet the YPP eligibility threshold in the next 30 days, we will disable monetization on Roni’s Recipes. After that, we will cancel your contract and you will need to reapply for YPP.

Well, that put a fire under my ass.

I’m not holding on to any dreams of making it big as a YouTube celeb or anything. But my account is so old I’ve always been able to post videos with ads. Getting into the YPP is harder nowadays and I’d rather maintain my status as my plan was to always get back to videos one day.

Plus, I still make a few bucks a month in passive income.

So, I asked the husband if he would be my cameraman and he agreed!

Tonight we recorded this video making dinner and it was so much fun.

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