7 Days – 7 Photos – 1 Big Feeling-Old Vent

It’s been a week since my last post? How is that possible? And how is May on the outs already? Didn’t May just start? Come to think of it, I’m not even sure it’s really 2022 – like a year ago, it was 2019, and 5 years ago, was like 2015, so yea.

And wait. a. minute.

Is my baby going on a tour of his middle school tomorrow? This kid was just born like… what? And his brother? His brother is GOING TO BE A SENIOR?!

I can’t.

I’ve been feeling very old lately.

And If you are older than me, don’t give me any shit.

I hate when someone shares their feelings about something, anything, and people respond with things like “just you wait.” or “you aren’t even that old, I’m old.”

Blah blah blah.

Let people experience things from their perspective. Let them vent and find others who can commiserate at that moment. People aren’t always seeking advice or guidance. They just want to yell into the void hoping someone “gets them.”

And if you’re younger than me, Shhhhh. You can’t relate yet. One day, you will, but it’s hard to listen to someone who really has no idea what you are going through because they haven’t been there yet.

I’m wrapping up my 45th year on this planet in a few short months, and I have never felt older, which, of course, makes sense. I am getting older, but there’s a difference between getting older and feeling old.

For starters, all my joints hurt—all of them. Not to mention, I slept on my neck wrong the other day, and I couldn’t look left for like, 36 hours. People now call me “ma’am” routinely. And not only do I want to be in bed by like 9 pm, but I also don’t want to be around large groups of people anymore. Ever. It’s exhausting.

I teach first-year college students, so spending most of my days with people under the age of 20 is not helping. They don’t get my movie references. We don’t listen to the same music. And as hard as I try, I find it impossible to relate to them outside of the typical teacher/student relationship, which makes me sad. I’m still friends with some of my students from the early 2000s. Now, I can hardly remember everyone’s names.

Okay, so this was not how I saw this post going! I planned on writing a short intro about how fast the last week flew by, and now I’m like six paragraphs into this feeling-old vent.

I’ll stop now. I’m not sure it’s helping to keep stewing about it anyways.

So, the last week really was a blur! It all started on Monday.

The 11-Year-Old and I cooked dinner together and made a video. I spent all night editing it, only to lose the file (it’s a long, technical story), and I just don’t have it in me to start over again.

I may try to retrieve it, but frankly, I think we’ll just move on and try again in the next few weeks.

Tuesday was his last elementary school concert.

Yes, I cried.

Wednesday, I cooked with The Teen after work, and he made this bowl of awesomeness.

Thursday, I was ready for the week to be over. I decided to make some gin cocktails and grilled dinner.

Friday, I hit a huge milestone at the gym!

Hitting four back squats at 200-pounds. And I took the boys to the river after work.

Saturday was gym, errands, and a poker tournament which I came in third! We also got these cool hammock chairs for camping and the beach this summer.

The Boys and I love them. The Husband, not so much.

Yesterday I hit the trails!

I’m back to my regular Sunday morning trail run schedule, and I love it!

There you have it, my last week. The days are long, but the years are short no longer applies to me. Now every damn day feels like it’s flying by at warp speed.

I hate it.

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Big love to you from an older woman who totally relates to every word you wrote. I was there, I did that, and it doesn’t get easier, you just gain more perspective 🤗

I hear you. I’ve been following along with you and your kids since both our oldest sons were preschool—and next year they’re seniors. Time is laughing at us. :/

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