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Out With the Old

What a fantastic weekend!

We didn’t do anything special.
No big events or outings.
No plans with friends.
Not even a sporting or school event.

This weekend we just played it by ear, and it was glorious!

Friday night The Teen had work, and he was gone before I got home. After work, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some food for dinner since all our stock was low from being away last weekend.

I decided to experiment with some recipe ideas for a dinner party I’m planning at the end of the month. We’re doing a spring Japanese-inspired menu that I’ll have to share in another post because it’s getting late, and I’m exhausted. All I have for you is this salad picture.

Saturday morning started at the gym as it always does. We do partner workouts, and it’s so fun. This week included rope climbs, and I was on cloud nine after FINALLY making it to the top using the J-hook!

Nothing beats the feeling of doing something you once couldn’t do!

After the gym, I decided it was finally time to go through my drawers and get rid of old clothes that no longer fit me.

I’ve been avoiding this for months, possibly years. So many of my clothes just weren’t helping me feel good about myself. I don’t know why I was holding on to them. I guess it was a combination of laziness and some pipe dream that I’ll be my skinniest self again one day.

Out with the old, I say!

It was time to move on. Last week I hit Old Navy and bought a few new essential items, a pair of jeans and some short sleeve tops to be comfortable in this summer. I’m still awfully self-conscious of my arms, but I’m done with all the weight loss stuff.

I no longer weigh myself.
I work out for strength and performance.
I eat for nutrition and enjoyment.

So with that, my body will be what it will be, and I’m tired, so very tired, of wasting energy thinking about it. The thoughts never seem to go away. It’s like lousy programming I can’t debug and re-write correctly.

I have learned to live with it. I acknowledge the negative thoughts, tell myself I’m crazy and move on.
At least now I’ll do it in comfortable clothes.

The rest of the weekend was hanging out with this goofball,


The dad jokes are strong with this one.

♬ original sound – Roni Noone

getting some trail time in,


and meal prepping for the week.

Overall it was a great weekend. The ones where we get to just “be” are always the best.

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I like that out with the old! Your many accomplishments and adventures are always interesting and entertaining!

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