I tried to run today, and it did not go well.

It may be time for an x-ray as I think I may have some hip joint issues the therapist can’t help with. I go back to see her on Wednesday, so I’ll see what she says.

In the meantime, I’m mourning my runs.

When I first ended the streak, it was a nice break from the self-imposed pressure I was putting on myself to get out and run every day.

Now, well, now I’m square in the grieving phase.

Running is so much more than just exercise for me. I need that time in my head, alone, outside with the fresh air and scenery. I don’t even listen to music when I run anymore (which is not how I started –music used to be a necessary component). I began to welcome the meditativeness of running especially because it’s hard for me to meditate any other way.

Frankly, when people talk about meditating, I just don’t get it. I struggle with getting lost in my mind like that, but running seemed to take care of my nervous energy, which freed my mind to wonder.

Instead of focusing on what I can’t do, it’s time to do what I do best, and recalibrate.

Walking it is.

Walking feels great, and it looks like we will finally get a break in the weather this week. So, instead of getting angry and doing nothing. I’m going to take a deep breath and (you may know what’s coming here) do what I can when I can.

It’s spring break too! So I’m planning to get out in the midday sun with this cuddle bug.

I’ll be back tomorrow with dinner party photos. We had another Sommelier Death Match this past weekend, and it was fantastic. I’m already planning next month’s menu too!

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