Out Like a Lion

“In like a lion, out like a lamb.”

That’s what they say about March, right?

Well, no.

Not this year.

It’s been cold as hell out there, and I am over it. Summer can’t come soon enough.

I’m smack dab in the middle of the semester, too, and I’m currently dreaming of spring break. I’ve got one more full week of classes and then a week off before heading into the last month of the semester. It’s been a hectic year, and I’m looking forward to spending more time at home. (That feels weird to think about after the last two years, but it’s true.)

So, you may be curious about the post photo. Yup, that’s me and my newest tattoo. I’ve been meaning to blog about my pandemic tattoo adventure for some time now, but, well, here we are two years later!

Time is messing with me lately. I can’t wrap my head around how old the kids are, how long it’s been since I got back into the classroom, and how much time has passed since the start of the pandemic. Part of my problem, I think, is my lack of journaling.

Writing grounds me more than I want to admit. I’ve been doing more of it lately, and it helps me process life. There are at least three draft posts just sitting in the blog that I spent a lot of time writing, but I just never hit the publish button.

I’m not sure why. I think writing them let me process, and I didn’t have the desire to let other people in on some of my current feelings and struggles. Frankly, I write and then think, “Who F’in cares?” I’m just another person screaming into the void. (Not that I was screaming, but you know what I mean.)

This week I had to write a speech for work (a long story I may blog about later), and it reinvigorated me. I was lost in the writing process (as I am now), and time disappeared. I just melted away into what I was doing, and I need more outlets like that in my life.

Only two other activities give me this feeling of immersion, and I’ve blogged about them before. It’s cooking and weight lifting.

I think I will add journal/blog writing to that list. And I also think it’s time I allow myself to do it without fear of what people think or who comments or whether anyone will even read it.

So, here I am, and I feel the need to update the void with my latest goings-on.

The Long Overdue Tattoo Adventure

If you follow me on IG you may know I got a dragon tattoo to cover up an old tattoo and surgery scars.

I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with it. So much so, I added on to it in 2020 to completely cover all my scars.

Here’s a video of my entire midsection tattoo.

Please note: I’ve put on some weight since then. Actually, just looking at this video, I am reminded that we never appreciate our bodies because back then, I still thought I had weight to lose, but I digress.

Anyway, I fell in love with that tattoo so much. I decided to get one that I always wanted and added the lion to my left shoulder last year.

I love all of them. They make me feel strong and powerful. Speaking of…

Weightlifting Update

I am kicking ASS at the gym.

About a year ago, I joined a new strength and conditioning gym, and I could not be happier. The coaches there are so attentive and encouraging, and I have PR’d all my lifts this year!

I have this crazy lifetime goal of being able to bench 150lbs, back squat 200lbs, and deadlift 300lbs. Well. I’m more than halfway there!

My current Person Records (PRs) are:

These are weights that I was starting to think were impossible for me pre-pandemic. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a bit of consistency, good programming, and carbs.

And that brings me to my last obsession…

Foodie Updates

Again if you follow me on IG or if we are friends on FB, you are probably well aware of my cooking obsession. I mean, honestly, it’s all I really post about. Here are my last three photos on IG.

I leave the house most days by 6 am, and I’m not home until at least 4 pm. What’s the first thing I do, you ask?

I put on music and start cooking. I know a lot of people think I’m crazy. Cooking is such a chore, blah, blah, blah. I get it. You make a mess. You need to put in a little prep work. You need to decide what to make.

It is work. Don’t get me wrong.

For me, however, it’s also an outlet.

Cooking brings me joy. I love to make a plate of nutritious food for my family. I like plating it and making it look pretty. I ESPECIALLY like eating it.

What can I say? I like food—a lot.

It has led to a little weight gain, but it’s also led to more strength and more muscle. So, I can’t complain.

I do want to lose a bit of fat, however. So I may need to cut back on overall calories for a little while. Nothing drastic, though. My dieting days are over. Or rather, I’m over my dieting days.

Truth be told, I also need to pull back on my alcohol consumption. Between wine and my love of cocktail crafting, I’ve been consuming a bit too much.

Other Updates

Let’s see, other than that, I’m in the throws of raising adolescents. The original “The Toddler” will soon be SEVENTEEN, and “Little Bean” just turned ELEVEN.

The Teen is working part-time, and I’m pushing him to get his license before his senior year of High School. The 11-year-old is still really into art and design. He’s also the family jokester, taking after his dad-joke-telling father.

Oh! And after 725 days, I ended my running streak last month due to a groin injury that I’m still dealing with. I’m actually going to PT tomorrow so they can take a look at it. It’s not debilitating, but running daily was too much wear and tear on my hips. Ending the streak was a hard decision, but I think it was necessary.

I hope to get back to running a couple of times a week once it heals fully.

Well, I think that’s it from my neck of the woods. I hope to be back sooner rather than later. I’m not putting any pressure on myself to blog to any schedule, but you may see a bit more activity if you stick around. I’m reclaiming my little corner of cyberspace, again.

Hope you are well.

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Thanks so much for sharing; I love everything about your update! You seem more confident than ever about most things which is a great place to be. Embrace & enjoy!

Love the tattoos!!! I have 8 myself and am always admiring other peoples. They are always so unique and say a lot about a person.

Love all these updates. Gorgeous tattoos! Also, I totally get what you’re saying about writing to process and then thinking ‘who the eff cares’. I write (journal) as if I am writing for an audience…and yet, no audience. Weird, and still super effective in keeping myself centered and connected to myself.

Right? It’s so strange yet here I am. And I have this great place to do it where maybe someone (like you) would relate. So why not journal and share. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

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