Now I Remember

Great day today!

Compared to yesterday, that is.

Everyone just got along. The kids were fun to talk to and not annoying in any way (like they usually are). No one had a meltdown or got angry. I was able to get a lot of work done. We made a great dinner and enjoyed some coconut margaritas.

Awesome! Right?

Well, I was so excited to blog about it and share photos of how I made dinner and, well, just, do what I’ve been doing these last few days because it’s been helping me feel so much better.

So, I fired up the computer and…

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It worked fine yesterday. What in the world? Now I remember all these annoying things that can happen when you maintain and update a website regularly.

Down the rabbit hole, I went. An hour later, here I am, logged in and now too tired to recap the day with any kind of detail.

Until tomorrow

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