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Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Poblanos

I’m trying to make this a weekly series because it’s so fun!

As a family, we meal plan dinner Monday through Thursday, for the most part. I try to involve the family as much as possible. Each kid picks a day they will cook or help, and they choose the meal. We go through stages, of course. It all depends on how busy we are and what’s going on.

Friday, however, I like to have a little fun and celebrate the weekend.

The Husband and I used to plan Fancy Fridays, but I like the idea of reacting to what we have left at the end of the week. It’s like playing my own personal game of “Chopped.”

Last night I turned forgotten poblano peppers and leftover baked potatoes into this plate of yumminess!

That’s a Roasted Poblano Grilled BBQ Chicken Sandwich and Stuffed Potatoes, and it was delicious!

The Husband helped me film the whole thing too.

We talk. He drinks his wine. I cook. It’s like a win-win-win.

With older kids, these Date-Night-Ins are becoming more and more frequent. The Teen usually works on Fridays, and The 11-Year-Old loves having his own special GYOW (Go Your Own Way) day, so we get a break from having to make kids happy with our food choices.

What a joy!

It’s the little things… amiright?

Anyway, after the gym this morning, I took some leftover poblanos from last night and made this hash.

It was also delicious! There are two eggs scrambled with the poblano, ham, and bacon on the top of the photo. The lower right is one leftover stuffed potato that I chopped up and cooked in the skillet, and the apple was split with the 11-Year-Old.

It was a feast! And a great post-workout meal. On Saturdays, I tend to ditch my daily protein shake. I come home and make breakfast for a nice change since I don’t have to rush to work.

Alright, I’m off. I just wanted to get that video up and posted. I promised the 11-Year-Old we would geocache today, so I’m going to take him to the trails for a little while.

I hope you are having a great weekend!

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I’ve been enjoying these new videos and seeing how you put together meals and cook in real time. I was wondering why you only were cooking for two during these videos and now I know, it’s a nice new tradition 🙂

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