Cooking Video Experiment

Hey guys!

I’ve decided it was time to blog something fun. Frankly, I’m tired of doing things for other people. I miss generating content and sharing ideas, especially in the kitchen.

So, today I came home from work and pulled out the camera. I wanted to see how recording in the new kitchen would work.

Then, I decided just to roll the camera and see what it looked liked while I cooked.

It was SO FUN! I shut it off a few times in fear I would run out of space on my phone, but overall, it was super easy to record, then speed it up and overlay a voice recording.

Here’s the result.

What do you guys think?

UPDATE: I added a playlist for these new videos–Click Here

8 replies on “Cooking Video Experiment”

I liked this a lot! Thanks for sharing. I guess i plate food too, didn’t know that was a thing. Love your new kitchen.

Thanks! I love it too!
When I was a kid I feel like we always had dinner more “family style” but I could be wrong. I just don’t remember my mom doing this.

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