Why, Hello, 2023!

Four months!

That’s one heck of a stretch of time for me not to blog!

I say that, but truth be told, I’m really just doing my blogging over on IG.

I wish that weren’t the case, but damn it, it’s just easier to snap a photo and reflect or share than craft a whole blog post barely anyone will read because we’re all too busy on some big, corporate-owned social media application.

I’m trying REALLY hard not to sound like an old fart here, but it’s tough! Especially as I embark on another new semester teaching tech to a bunch of teenagers who are now the same age as “The Toddler” Or is it that The Toddler is the same age as them?

Regardless, I find myself in front of a classroom, more often than not, trying to explain how absolutely amazing the internet is beyond YouTube and TikTok.

But that’s not why I’m popping in today! I’m here to check in with myself and you and reflect on the last few months.


Last time I posted, I was all optimistic about the fall semester. Well, bwahahahahaha, I nearly lost my shit by the end of it. The culture and climate of classroom instruction today is in the shitter. I was using TikTok as a journal to vent a little, but honestly, I ran out of motivation and energy. The students just sucked it out of me like little, unmotivated, entitled energy vampires. I could not have been happier when classes ended. I went into break completely drained.

Don’t get me wrong. Some students made the job worth it, but overall, I struggled to find any joy in teaching by the end of the semester.

Classes kicked off this week for Spring, and I have been very honest, transparent, and vulnerable with all my classes.

I’m making no predictions at this time. All I can say “we shall see”, but I am motivated and determined to hold my shit together this semester.

My Car and a New Driver!

At the end of September, I FINALLY got my car back after the engine failed in Vermont.

I cannot believe how much I missed her.

All things worked out, too, as The Teen got his license and inherited the 2002 Corolla we borrowed from The Grandparents!

I’m still getting used to this. He’s driving to school, and starting this week, he’ll be driving weekly to another college course clear across town.

I’m simultaneously proud, excited, and terrified.

That’s normal. Right?

Overall both kids are doing well. One is trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life, and all things he is considering are perfectly fine with me. The other is still getting his footing in Middle School. What a hellish transition that is.


I am doing SO much better mentally and physically.

I really used the holidays this year as a time to reset and recharge. I disconnected a little, focused on family time, and just enjoyed being home.

When the new year hit, I had an abundance of motivation and energy. I started a new 800-meter-a-day streak. Basically, since my hips can’t handle running as much anymore, I challenged myself to get outside once a day for at least a half-mile walk. Sometimes, I run. Sometimes I hike. Most days I just walk, and it usually turns into much more than a half mile.

I have been documenting the streak with the tag #my800msStreak on IG, and I am trying to find something to photograph for a #photoaday too. It’s been fun!

I also started working with an Oly coach at the gym, and I feel amazing!

I am planning on entering my first-ever Olympic Lifting Meet next year and will be training for it.

Again, I am simultaneously excited and terrified. But you all know me. I thrive when pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

Let’s see, other things I can think of to update:

  1. Food! of course. I have been cooking up a storm lately, and I love it. I usually post a few meals a week on IG. Especially the ones I’m proud of.
  2. Tomorrow is The Husband and I’s TWENTY-EIGHTH dating anniversary. We celebrate this every year, and am planning a night out on Saturday. I can’t wrap my head around time anymore, so I just try not to think about it. Somehow we are closer and happier than we’ve ever been.
  3. I’m trying to hold on to this current state of motivation I find myself in. I actually want to do things again. I haven’t felt myself for some time, so it’s refreshing.

Okay, that was a fun brain dump! I’m planning to post monthly this year just to give overview updates. I have been keeping a paper journal for two months now and, well, come to think of it, I think that’s been helping my mental state.

I’ve always said blogging changed my life, but I really think it’s just the act of writing and journaling for me. There’s just something freeing about it.

Anyway, I hope you are well.

Until next month!

5 replies on “Why, Hello, 2023!”

I am so glad to “hear”
from you Roni! I’ve followed you for years and love your transparency.. yep your real!

You amaze me with your cooking skills, your love for adventure, especially summer trips with the boys and the getaways with the husband!

Keep up your training.. I’m there with you walking Bad backs got us both) 4 miles a day 4x a week! I live in AZ so it’s easy and warm!

Happy Anniversary tomorrow ❤️to you and the hubby!

Thanks, Suzan! And that’s awesome on the walking! I’m in the chilly season here, but I actually enjoy bundling up and heading out in the cold. There’s something refreshing about it, and coming home and making a warm hot cocoa or tea will never gets old for me. 🙂

Just wanted you to know that I have followed you for years and enjoy all you post.

Like you, I too love to journal, but do mine all on paper.

Take care and I look forward to your next post.

Thanks, Margaret! I am really enjoying the paper journal. I just write a few sentences before bed, and it’s like a nice sigh at the end of the day.

Its great to hear from you Roni. I just hit 50 and can relate to your post about teens and higher education. I work for a medical school which i love, but that population is challenging. I love this blog so please keep us all updated. Happy and healthy 2023 to you.

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