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USA Masters Weightlifting National Champ? What?

Last week, I took a few days off work, traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and competed in the 2024 USA Master’s National Weightlifting meet.

Never in a million years did I think this would be the result.

I’m not going to do what I always do and write about how “I can’t believe it” or how “I was never an athlete” and all the other bullshit I tell myself to somehow deflect or soften my accomplishments.

I worked my ass off for this, and I’m owning it no matter how uncomfortable it makes me feel.

I’m turning 48 this year, and I think I’m FINALLY getting to a place of contentment with who I am and how I look.

In January, I competed locally, and I dehydrated myself to make a lighter-weight class because, you know, skinnier/lighter is always better, right?

Again, bullshit.

I struggled with this same mentality leading up to this meet, and a few weeks ago, I decided to stop the insanity (there’s a Susan Powter joke here somewhere). I weigh what I weigh. Why would I starve and dehydrate the body that is serving me well in training just to make a random weight class because somewhere deep in my dysfunctional psyche I long to be visually thin, frail and light.

Frankly, I’m too old for this shit, but man, it is hard breaking the self-imposed shackles we placed on ourselves as young women.

My reward for eating good food, training hard, and being consistent?


Doing this has only inspired me to keep pursuing strength, particularly in this sport.

Okay, enough self-analysis. I have so many awesome pictures to share.

Here I am on the platform:

And you know who took those pictures? My mom came to support me. We haven’t traveled together in years, so spending time with her was so nice.

Besides my mom, I also traveled with my coach and some fellow barbell club members who also competed.

I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing women who do their thing.

I will end this post with this sunset shot over the Mississippi in Baton Rouge.

Sunset in Baton Rouge

If you follow me on IG, you may know I’ve been learning how to watercolor. Once I’m done with the tutorials I’m following, I will try to paint this scene. I will post about it when I do!

Hope you are well!

14 replies on “USA Masters Weightlifting National Champ? What?”

Roni.. I am so proud of you! Why do we waste precious time worrying about weight or looks? Such a damn waste.. see what happens when you let go and live? No more traps or jail for us. Long time admirer and fan and so very happy and proud of you!

Honestly, the amount of wasted energy and time but I still fall into the mind trap! It’s exhausting! That’s exactly my goal.. just LIVE and do the things I enjoy. Eat the food that nourishes me. Isn’t that all that life should be about?!

Roni! You are awesome and never cease to amaze me! You set a goal, a challenge and always strive to excellence! Proud of you! Deb

So so proud of you, Roni. Long time reader of your blog -maybe from the early teens??
You have inspired me so many times – your beautiful food, road trips with the boys, your fitness quest.
Keep up the FABULOUS work.

Congratulations young lady! I am thrilled for you!!! We’ve “known” each other for over 10 years! I still use WYCWYC all. the. time. as I give advice on wt loss stuff. I am about to turn 70 and still struggle with so much of what you wrote in this posting today. Gads, were we brainwashed or what? All these years! But look at you! Well done m’dear, well done. 🙂

It’s unbelievable how many years it takes to un-program ourselves. I’m actively trying and still find myself fighting my brain. I hate it!

This is so awesome. I wish I’d known you were here. I’m about 35 miles away. I would’ve love to have seen this.
Beth J

Ugh, I’m sorry. It was a fun event to spectate too. I so appreciate watching people up on the platform. I don’t post as frequently anymore so it’s hard to do updates. I did post it on FB.. but I need to use my blog more!
What a pretty area it was down there. I really liked Baton Rouge!

DUDE! This is AMAZING!! I am so fucking proud of you! I know this shift in mindset has not been easy for you, but I love it and it’s so inspiring. Get it!

Congrats! That’s so awesome. I’m pretty sure I would throw my back out if I attempted this 🙂 And it’s so good to pictures of your mom too!

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