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Road Trip Highlights

I’m going with highlights here because I cannot possibly begin to sift through all the emotions and thoughts in my head right now. Part of me would love to do a complete recap of our entire trip and share all the fun details of the last dinner party I hosted, but I simply don’t have the mental capacity.

Maybe it’s hormones or all the big emotions of having a child transition from high school to college, or perhaps I’m just exhausted because I routinely try to do too much. Regardless, I’m here waiting for my car to get serviced, so I thought, why not bring the old laptop and share some photos?

Tennessee Bass Pro Trip

Oh my, where do I begin? This trip ended up being five days of absolute joy just hanging with my boys.

I cannot believe how fun, mature, and close they have become.

The trip started as planned, and the boys loved our first stop, Harpers Ferry.

I absolutely love watching them explore a new place.

The rest of that first day was spent taking in all we could on Skyline Drive.

I have so many photos from that day. You can see some more on the IG post I shared. This one is a favorite of mine.

The next day’s highlight was the 16-Bit Bar and Arcade in Nashville.

We love taking advantage of hotel pools! Always a highlight. 🙂

The whole inspiration of the trip did not disappoint. We shopped and explored the Bass Pro Shop in Memphis, TN.

The highlight for me was the observation tower.

The highlight for them, well for the 12-Year-Old at least, was the shitty pool table at the restaurant.

By this point in the trip, we realized I may have planned too much and made some adjustments for our last few days. However, I refused to skip Rock City, and I’m glad we took the trek. It was the sleeper highlight of the trip!

And where I took my favorite selfie.

The trip ended with some family time, and the Boys got in a bit of kayaking.

Oh! And I got in at least one cheesy roadside attraction!

The boys made me promise that next year’s trip be more of a destination style than an aggressive road trip where we are always on the move, and I agreed. They have been quite the troopers allowing me to indulge my inner road adventurer. Now that they are older, I can see the trips evolving even further. I hope to keep this tradition up as long as possible, even if we take a weekend camping trip or hit the beach for a few days.

With the 18-Year-Old shipping off to college, I may even do a solo trip with the 12-Year-Old, something we’ve never done since he’s the youngest.

Anyway, I also hoped to share some highlights of a recent dinner party I hosted, but I’ll save that for another post. It feels too overwhelming right now to go down that path. Plus, I think my car is almost ready anyway, and I need to update my Mother-Sons trip post with all the photos.

Thanks for virtually traveling with us!

oh! And I almost forgot. If you are willing to throw me a free vote for the Fav Chef contest, I’d appreciate it! I’ve made it to the third round!

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I absolutely loved this Roni! I’ve told you before I wish I’d done done something like this with my boys! Memories like this last a lifetime! Your great parents with two great boys!
I can’t believe the toddler is going away to college.. I’ve done it three times… your family is forever different when they go away.. but this chapter opens up new memories and adventures! Keep up the good work! Suzie

Thanks for sharing- Harper’s Ferry is close to my neck of the woods. Sounds like it was a great trip full of memories and that your car made the trip back with you too. Enjoy the rest of your summer with your boys.

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