Birthdays, College & Pour Decisions

Nope. That’s not a typo. I absolutely fell in love with this punny sign I came across in Aldi and had to pick it up.

It is also a great way to tell you some exciting news!

I accepted a position as a part-time bartender!

I’m still teaching, of course, and I don’t plan to give that gig up any time soon. I fought too hard to get a full-time position back at the college, but I have been struggling in the classroom lately.

I think most, if not all, teachers are, regardless of what level they teach.

The academic culture has changed drastically since the pandemic. Lately, my job feels less like inspiring and sharing knowledge and more like policing and parenting. Cheating is rampant. Students aren’t motivated. They don’t know how to learn. They don’t listen. They don’t read. They just don’t care.

That’s not to say ALL of them!

I have some great students this semester, but it’s hard to focus on the few when the many want constant hand-holding.

I’m so tired of working harder than them. Tired of constantly trying new approaches, new assignments, and new activities, only for them to not care.

It’s exhausting!

I’ve had this pipe dream of getting a summer bartending job for years now. It sounded like a fun way to meet people and make a little extra spending cash while off contract from the college.

So, when the opportunity presented itself, I hopped on it!

Here I am on my first day.

Roni Noone be the bar.

I can’t lie. Being behind the bar feels like home. I’m comfortable back there. I love chatting with customers, making drinks, and even cleaning up—as odd as that sounds.

There’s something inherently rewarding in tending bar for me. It scratches my extravert itch. I get to be creative with flavors. And most importantly, the people there WANT to be, which is a refreshing shift from the classroom.

I also get to work with my brother, who is a chef! We talk about food, flavors, and pairings. It’s giving us something to bond over after being estranged for so long, making my heart happy.


This also makes my heart happy…

Little Bean turned twelve this weekend!

I still can’t get over it.

Here we are in the summer of 2011…

And here we are just a few weeks ago on a hike…

He is growing up so fast. It’s unbelievable. I often joke with him that I wanted another BABY! Not another 11-year-old. Well, now 12-year-old.

He’s so different than his brother in so many ways too. It’s like I need to be two different parents.

The Now-12-Year-Old is goofy, motivated, passionate, caring, empathetic, creative, and energetic. He’s much like me. He draws energy from others. He likes to be around people, engaged and interacting.

His brother is more subdued. He likes his alone time. He spends a lot of time online and prefers it more than meeting his friends in person. He’s also a bit more apathetic and laid-back.

That said…


He has decided to go away to college in the fall!

I’m simultaneously proud, relieved, and terrified. I’m sure there are a few other emotions mixed in there, but those are the big three.

He was on the fence for a really long time, and he’s not the most motivated of students, so I wasn’t sure college was for him. He’s a smart kid and can do anything he wants, but he has to WANT to do something, which seems to be the hardest thing for him to decide.

Again, unlike his brother, who talks about college all the time and basically decided he wanted to be a Graphic Designer at age 4.

See, opposites!

Anyway, I think that’s all I’ve got from my little corner of the world besides these few nuggets:

  • We threw a murder mystery dinner party for The 12-year-old yesterday, and it was a blast.
  • I am officially a USA barbell club member and hope to start competing next year.
  • The boys and I are planning a road trip to Tennessee for this Year’s Mother-Son trip.
  • I’m still facebook-less!

It’s Sunday, so I’m off to get ready for the week. I hope you had a great weekend!

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Been following you for many years. Health and fitness. I have worked in hospitality for my entire life basically. Glad your liking your new side gig !

Bartending is such an awesome gig! I was able to stay home with my kids when they were little. Met some great people.

I’m excited for you to have this part time gig- I love how adventurous you are. Hope you love it!

You always inspire me. I love how you are constantly growing, and trying new things. I work in higher ed as well (academic advising) and what you describe is so very real across the field. What once was a career where I got so much energy out of the students zest for life and experiences, has become incredibly taxing and draining..and just a job. Sigh. I cannot, CANNOT, believe that Ryan is college aged! Thank you for still popping in to share little updates. Your long time readers love it!

It’s so sad, right? I feel like the joy of teaching has been stolen from us, and it’s a cultural thing now that I can’t seem to overcome in the classroom. 🙁
I see it in my own kids too! So Ryan going to college scares the crap out of me. And yes, I can’t believe it either. Blows my mind on the daily.

Just ended my social media pause for Lent and I am catching up today. I like reading blogs and some message boards but I think I’m going to extend not accessing FB and Instagram until summer. Congratulations on all the exciting changes in your life- the bartending seems so fun and a good fit for you. Can’t believe your oldest is ready for college already. School is hard for the students too, especially ones that are quiet and want to learn. I can’t believe the stories my daughter tells me, and these are honor classes too I hope the environment improves. Hang in there, it’s almost summer!

Ugh! I know. My youngest now hates school because of his peers. As a fairly motivated student, he doesn’t even see the point in going anymore, making me sad. And thanks! It is a good fit. I absolutely love bartending and it’s feeding my soul in a way teaching used to.

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