Almost Pain Free!

I’ve been working with a physical therapist to help me figure out why I’ve been having so much left leg inner-thigh pain. It’s has been bothering me for nearly two months now, and it’s what ended my 725-day running streak. Thankfully, I’ve still been weight lifting with some modifications, and we started a new 8-week strength program today.

Apparently, my left hip is causing the issue. She was able to manually adjust it today and gave me some exercises to do. I left her office feeling really optimistic. I hope to get a short run in on Thursday to test it out.

Besides that, the last two days have been a blur.

Yesterday, The Teen had an early appointment I needed to take him to, which required me to drive halfway to work, then back home to drop him off at school, and then back to work I went. I needed to shift my training session at the gym to the end of the day, and I hated it. I’ve been working out first thing in the morning for nearly twelve years now! At first, I hated that too, but you do what you gotta do when you have young kids. Now, however, the habit is set. I am an early morning person through and through.

Except… I’m also a night owl who tends to stay up too late–I say as I type this at 9 pm, not ready to call it a day.

Sleep is too important, however, so I’ll share a few photos, and then I’m out.

Tonight’s Dinner

That’s a giant burrito bowl, and it was delicious! It’s a layer of bagged garden salad, topped with a bit of white rice, then peppers and onions, grilled chicken thigh pieces, a whole made pico, and half a baby avocado.

And this guy helped me make it…

It was his night to help with dinner and he did an amazing job!

Until later.

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When I got physical therapy for osteoarthritis in my knee, I was surprised by how weak my hips were. It’s funny how interconnected everything is and how pain in one area can be caused by something off in another area. Hope you can get back to running! My mom loves seeing your trail pictures on Instagram because we used to live in Bel Air and she recognizes a lot of the locations. Glad to see you blogging again too!

I’ve learned so much from my PT and the more I get into weight training the more I appreciate their knowledge and expertise. This Sunday I have a date with those trail! I miss my hour or two in the woods. Even if I have to walk, I’m going.

I feel like blogging is making a small comeback and I’m here for it.

Whenever I have pain the PT is the first place I go now. I’m so surprised with how many problems can be solved through movement. Love seeing your blogs in my inbox!

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