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A Must-Share Pasta Recipe and Random Life Updates

Pasta alla Norcina

I will kick off this post with a fantastic recipe I made last night because that’s probably why you are here.

If you want to read my boring life update (because it’s been MONTHS since I’ve blogged), it’s below the recipe card.


F*ck the Scale and Aesthetics

Doooooood, I killed it at the gym this morning! We are wrapping up a 12-week strength cycle and today was our last round of back squats.

I posted a video update on TikTok, but this is too big not to share here. It does, however, require a little backstory, of course.

Most of you know I didn’t even start weight training until my mid-thirties. Heck, I didn’t even start working out until about thirty-one. When I turned thirty, I lost seventy pounds via diet alone, and then I started getting the confidence to go to the gym.