Update: I’ve relaunched GreenLiteBites July 2018. Click here to check it out!

For ten years I blogged my food adventure on GreenLiteBites. It started with light Weight Watcher’s recipe and weekly videos (many of which I recorded with my kids) and evolved into more whole foods, baby food adventures, and school lunch ideas.

Food is a passion of mine. I learned with my readers as I tried new produce, experimented, and juggled cooking with kids. As the kids get older, I shared their adventures as well.

Looking back, I’m in awe of what I was able to accomplish and share.

I plan to continue to share some food ideas here on my blog, but it became impossible to maintain the massive site GreenLiteBites became.

If you remember a recipe that I shared in the past and would like it, I’ll do my best to pull it out of the archive and re-share it. Just reach out on Facebook, Twitter or IG.

GreenLiteBites the Book

Three years into the blog I did publish a book with my favorite ideas. The book has 50 recipes, approach to cooking and history.

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