Little Bean’s Funderwear Day!

In June of 2008, I wrote the following post on Roni’s Weigh,


That’s right, Fun-derwear! As in fun-underwear.

Can you tell I have a toddler?

Funderware is my made up term for the day we moved to “big boy” underpants. That’s right ladies and gentleman we are in the midst of potty training!

Taking the advice of many a mom, I scheduled a day. I’ve been building up Funderware for over a week now. We wrote it on the calendar and every night we’ve been counting down. Last night, we picked out our fun pair. The toddler? Diego. Mom? Flowers & stars. Dad? Shamrocks.

This morning the family proceeded to put on their selected underwear and the festivities began. By 10 AM we were on our 4th pair and I was regretting my decision. But by lunch two successful trips to the potty and by dinner he was telling me “No potty now, later, I’ll tell YOU!”.

“I’ll tell you”?!?

He never did, but he started to go every time I took him. Right now he’s diaper-less and sleeping. *sigh* I shudder to think what I have in store for me tomorrow morning.

Sorry for my parenting detour, it was just a big part of my day. On the diet front…

Little did I know I’d have another toddler six years later and have to start potty training all over again!

I decided to use my first experience and write a children’s book to inspire my second. Little Bean’s Funderwear Day! is a fun, short, illustrated tale of Little Bean (based on my very own Little Bean) preparing for his first Funderwear Day.

Luckily one of my friends is a very talented artist. He worked with me on the illustrations and we self-published the book on Amazon as more of a passion project than anything else.

I never had any dreams of being an author or children book writer, but I will say seeing my oldest read the book to my youngest was pretty freakin’ emotional for me.

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