Cloud Nine x 2!

I’m just popping in to share some gym success today! As I said, this week, we started a new strength cycle. We have six, eight, or twelve-week cycles at my gym that focus on different lifts and approaches. In this cycle, we Back Squat on Fridays, and our goal today was four sets of ten repetitions (BS 4×10 reps), increasing in weight for each set.

Well, for my last set, I was able to complete all ten reps at last year’s one rep max! I was on cloud nine all day!

I joined my current gym last year at this time, and my progress has been impressive. I feel fantastic too–strong and conditioned.

Anyway, just celebrating.

In other news, I took this goofball…


Almost Pain Free!

I’ve been working with a physical therapist to help me figure out why I’ve been having so much left leg inner-thigh pain. It’s has been bothering me for nearly two months now, and it’s what ended my 725-day running streak. Thankfully, I’ve still been weight lifting with some modifications, and we started a new 8-week strength program today.

Apparently, my left hip is causing the issue. She was able to manually adjust it today and gave me some exercises to do. I left her office feeling really optimistic. I hope to get a short run in on Thursday to test it out.

Besides that, the last two days have been a blur.

Food Journal

For the Love of Pockets and Kale

I have been learning to enjoy lazy Sundays. It’s hard for me to NOT be doing something. I know. I’m crazy. The Husband tells me all the time.

He’s a relaxer through and through and has no problem just lounging around all day, in and out of naps, watching random things on television.

I can not. No, really. I’m like, BAD at it. I find it hard to relax if there are things that need to get done, and there is always something that needs to be done!


Weekly Dinners and Monthly Goals

I recently confessed on IG about the joy I get from cooking after a long day of work. Even though I share lots of food photos, I often fear people will find it annoying or think I’m gloating, but I’m just super passionate about it!

I stopped blogging about food, so social media has become my only outlet, but I’d like to start writing about it again. The landscape of food blogging has changed so much, and I don’t have the time nor interest to even try to do it professionally anymore.

Which has been holding me back. Why can’t I just talk about food the way I want to?

This is going sound weird, but when I saw this old video of Arnold, it inspired me…


Out Like a Lion

“In like a lion, out like a lamb.”

That’s what they say about March, right?

Well, no.

Not this year.

It’s been cold as hell out there, and I am over it. Summer can’t come soon enough.

Food Journal

November Reflections

I’m doing it!

I’m sneaking in this post before the end of the month!

I’ve challenged myself to post at least monthly, if only for the self-reflection.


Pinpointing my Happiness

A couple of weeks ago, I was bullshitting with someone at the gym about life in these crazy times, and I blurted out something without even thinking.

The only two places I’m happy anymore are here (at the gym) and cooking in my kitchen.

I was taken aback by my own statement.


Cooking Video Experiment

Hey guys!

I’ve decided it was time to blog something fun. Frankly, I’m tired of doing things for other people. I miss generating content and sharing ideas, especially in the kitchen.

So, today I came home from work and pulled out the camera. I wanted to see how recording in the new kitchen would work.

Then, I decided just to roll the camera and see what it looked liked while I cooked.


The Post Where I Wanted to Share a September Dinner Party Idea but Bore My Soul Instead

So… here I am after a long day of classes thinking it would help me feel better if I blogged about a recent dinner party.

It is not.

Journal Teaching

Fall 2021 Student Snapshots

Has it really been more than three months since my last post? That’s insane for so many reasons!

Well for those that are curious, I am still alive. My days are jam-packed parenting a now 16 and 10-year-old. This summer, we remodeled the kitchen, which I wanted to post about, but it coincided with the start of the fall semester, so I’ve been preoccupied with getting ready for classes. 

And that’s why I’m here!

Before I get into everything though, check out my new office above. I’m on a new campus! It’s refreshing to have a workspace to call my own after, well, you know *waving hands vigorously* the last two years.