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Weekend Cooking and Geocaching Adventures

I would have loved to write this last night but come Sunday nights, I’m exhausted! Especially now that the weather is finally starting to break and we are doing more outside.

This weekend two things dominated my time, cooking and geocaching.

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Friday Fridge Clean-Out: Poblanos

I’m trying to make this a weekly series because it’s so fun!

As a family, we meal plan dinner Monday through Thursday, for the most part. I try to involve the family as much as possible. Each kid picks a day they will cook or help, and they choose the meal. We go through stages, of course. It all depends on how busy we are and what’s going on.

Friday, however, I like to have a little fun and celebrate the weekend.


Our Marriage Can Drink?!

As if I wasn’t already feeling old, our marriage went ahead and turned 21 yesterday.

I could go on and on about what I think makes a marriage work. However, the older and deeper I get into my own relationship, the more I realize how irrelevant my opinion is.

There’s no one-way relationships “work.”

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Catching Snatches and Throwing Avocados

Wednesdays are my busy days. I have three face-to-face classes back to back, and it’s exhausting, in a good way!

I’d much rather be engaged all day than work solo in my office. Plus, the students have more work than I do with the semester wrapping up. My role shifts to more of a help desk position. Teaching technical classes and introduction to programming means I’m constantly problem-solving.

Wednesday is also one of my favorite days at the gym. We call it Weightifint Wednesday, and today was snatch day!

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You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

I. Am. Blown. Away.

On a whim today, I decided to reactivate my old blog Facebook page. I did NOT expect to reconnect with so many people who used to read my blog!

I felt a little like Sally Fields. (Only you fellow old people will get that reference.)

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Finding My Voice (Again)

Nearly fifteen years ago, I was teaching full-time, chasing around a toddler, and managing two blogs. It was a different time then, blogging was just starting to be popular, and I enjoyed sharing and connecting online.

Now, I’m back in the classroom and trying to motivate a teenager while preparing his little brother for middle school. Life is just as crazy but different. The boys have their own hobbies, and the time we spend together is not as exhausting as it once was. We play games and talk about our days.

It’s nice and hard in a completely different way.



I tried to run today, and it did not go well.

It may be time for an x-ray as I think I may have some hip joint issues the therapist can’t help with. I go back to see her on Wednesday, so I’ll see what she says.

In the meantime, I’m mourning my runs.


Cloud Nine x 2!

I’m just popping in to share some gym success today! As I said, this week, we started a new strength cycle. We have six, eight, or twelve-week cycles at my gym that focus on different lifts and approaches. In this cycle, we Back Squat on Fridays, and our goal today was four sets of ten repetitions (BS 4×10 reps), increasing in weight for each set.

Well, for my last set, I was able to complete all ten reps at last year’s one rep max! I was on cloud nine all day!

I joined my current gym last year at this time, and my progress has been impressive. I feel fantastic too–strong and conditioned.

Anyway, just celebrating.

In other news, I took this goofball…


Almost Pain Free!

I’ve been working with a physical therapist to help me figure out why I’ve been having so much left leg inner-thigh pain. It’s has been bothering me for nearly two months now, and it’s what ended my 725-day running streak. Thankfully, I’ve still been weight lifting with some modifications, and we started a new 8-week strength program today.

Apparently, my left hip is causing the issue. She was able to manually adjust it today and gave me some exercises to do. I left her office feeling really optimistic. I hope to get a short run in on Thursday to test it out.

Besides that, the last two days have been a blur.

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For the Love of Pockets and Kale

I have been learning to enjoy lazy Sundays. It’s hard for me to NOT be doing something. I know. I’m crazy. The Husband tells me all the time.

He’s a relaxer through and through and has no problem just lounging around all day, in and out of naps, watching random things on television.

I can not. No, really. I’m like, BAD at it. I find it hard to relax if there are things that need to get done, and there is always something that needs to be done!