I’m a Macro-Counting, Podcast-Listening, Facebook-Ignoring, Crossfitting Mom of a Pre-Teen.

That’s who I am. Right now, anyway I’ve journaled/blogged long enough to know this is just my current state and that it will change as everything does which is why I think it’s fun to write. So let me unload a little. First up, Macro Counting Two weeks before Christmas I decided to hire a […]

Taking Action to Consciously Try to Fix the Thing

I did something that scared me today. Something pretty small and insignificant but scared me nonetheless. I blocked Facebook from my browser. You can roll your eyes all you want. It’s cool. I know how ridiculous it is to literally have to block myself from a website, but truth be told, I couldn’t stop myself. The […]


I’m fighting every urge to call this the “Hey! I’m still alive!” post. That’s such a cliche blogger thing to do, isn’t it? I’ve probably already done it at one time or another. Actually, I’m sure I have. Anyway, I am here, and I am still alive. However, I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy. And […]

Christmas is Coming

Every year I get more and more comfortable with my Scrooge-ness. That’s right, me. I’m the Scrooge in the family! The Husband reminds me every December how Scroogy I am when we start talking about Christmas lists. This pretty much describes us to a “T” when we talk about Christmas shopping. Actually, that video is what inspired this post. It’s not that I […]