Teaching with Roni

I need outlets. Anyone who knows me knows I will talk your ear off about everything and anything I’m interested in or currently preoccupied with. Sharing is my nature. I am energized and motivated by it. Since returning to the classroom last fall, I’ve been neck-deep in teaching strategies and lesson plan ideas. I’m always … Read More »

Summer Ubering

So, I did another thing! I should probably call this category of my blog the I-Did-a-Thing section because that’s when I’m motivated to share the most. Anyway, my career is in a state of flux. Again. The contract I had to teach this past year expired June 15th. I’m still in the running for the … Read More »

Hello Blog, My Old Friend

I’ve come to talk with you again! Have I not posted since September 2018?! That’s insanity. I mean, I’ve been sharing on GreenLiteBites, but that’s not the same. I’m in desperate need of a good, old fashioned brain dumb, and I finally feel ready to do it. But first! My new blog digs. If you … Read More »