Little Bean’s Banana Bread

Happy Sunday! The 6-Year-Old requested banana bread this morning. It’s one of his favorites even though he’s hated banana since his toddler years. I’m assuming it’s a texture thing because he enjoys a banana mashed in his oatmeal a few times a week and he devours this every time I make it. When I bake at […]

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Macro Meal Planning on a Snowy Sunday

Happy “Sensational” Sunday! (Remember those?) A couple of months ago I started counting macros and taking more time to plan my meals. It’s been teaching me a lot about how to balance nutrients especially with my workouts and the demands I’m putting on my body with weight training.  I’m going on ten weeks of eating […]

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“Instapot” Pot Roast

Did you know the “Instapot” is actually called the Instant Pot? Laugh at me all you want. I had NO IDEA! I’ve been calling it an Instapot, and I don’t think I’m alone. It says it right there on the damn device — Instant Pot. Anyway, after all my humming and hawing about Christmas, this Scrooge had one […]

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