Kiwi, Nectarine and Avocado Salsa

Guys, I've been sitting on this recipe for over a week! It's been a crazy month, and there's no sign of it slowing down any time soon. The kids are home, we had our annual week at the beach, we hosted a 4th of July BBQ, celebrated my Mom's birthday, and The Husband and I [...]

Homemade Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing

After reposting The Red, White, and Blue Sweet Summer Salad folks immediately asked for my homemade poppy seed dressing, so I decided to whip up a batch for a quick photo. A few years ago, I stopped using store-bought dressings. Nothing really against them, I just like the taste and flexibility of fresh better. I [...]

The Red, White, and Blue Sweet Summer Salad

I cannot believe how many people have requested The Red White and Blue Sweet Summer Salad over the last few weeks. It's an old favorite of mine but now I make my own dressing. I will share that recipe asap! Originally Posted 2010. Sometimes simple is simply DELICIOUS! I can’t get over how much I [...]

The Maple-Ginger Salmon, Carrots, and Brown Rice Dinner

Last night I made a dinner that everyone simply ate -- no complaining, no bargaining, no faces. I know. I know! I can hardly believe it myself! The Husband devoured his plate before running out the door for tennis. The 14-Year-Old asked for seconds of the carrots and was disappointed I had no more rice [...]

Yummy Kidney Bean Salad From the Pantry

I've been on a bean kick lately, so I'm reposting some of my old favorites! Originally Posted in 2013. Returning to an empty fridge after traveling is always a challenge. The husband wants to eat out every meal until we go grocery shopping. I, on the other hand, look at the lack of fresh foods [...]