I need outlets. Anyone who knows me knows I will talk your ear off about everything and anything I’m interested in or currently preoccupied with.

Sharing is my nature. I am energized and motivated by it.

Since returning to the classroom last fall, I’ve been neck-deep in teaching strategies and lesson plan ideas. I’m always trying to motivate my students and provide them with strategies to not only succeed in my class but all their courses (and life, really).

This semester I challenged myself to come up with a weekly hands-on activity for all my classes, and that’s when it hit me — why aren’t I blogging this??

I miss blogging, but the days of sharing my daily life are over (and have been for quite some time) for a myriad of reasons. My kids are older now and deserve their privacy. My focus from weight-loss deteriorated, and, frankly, I have no interest in letting people into my life the way I once did.

But blogging has always helped me gather my thoughts, and the practice of sharing an idea or experience is energizing to me. It’s my creative outlet and, how do I say this? It feeds my soul.

So, I’m not promising regular posts or a return to daily blogging, and many of my old readers (if you are still out there even) may not be interested, but I added a new category to the blog for my Education endeavors.

I’m only two weeks into this semester and I can already feel a different energy in the classroom. last week I snapped this photo of my evening class working together on my new first-day activity.

Roni's Classroom - teaching

I actually got them to TALK TO EACH OTHER on day one. If you teach freshman-level classes at a community college you know what an accomplishment this was.

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