Hey Guys! I did ANOTHER thing and It. Was. Awesome!

Let me see…

Where do I even begin?

Okay, a super talented friend of mine reached out to me a couple of months ago to see if I would be interested in recording some recipe videos. His company, Mozellfilms was hired to produce the series. They needed a “Mom Hacks” personality for this round of videos and he thought I’d be a great fit.

Now, I’ve been recording amateur videos for GreenLiteBites since I launched it in 2007, but they are/were just fun, one-take, minimally edited, laptop-on-my-stockpot kind of stuff. I toyed with the idea of upping production value and taking my YouTube channel more seriously, but I have no budget or resources so my attempts have been pretty futile.

So I jumped at this opportunity. I mean, these are highly produced, edited, cooking videos done with a full production crew including, professional food stylists, chefs, make-up, wardrobe, set designers, a director and, geesh, a million other people who do amazing, inspiring things.

From the perspective of “the talent” — that’s what call the on-screen personality and yes it made me super uncomfortable — the job was two days, one for rehearsal, and one filming.

Here I am in the test kitchen walking through the recipes with the professional chefs.

I’m not going to lie. I felt totally IN my element, and I didn’t hold back. Here I am sharing some ideas on how we should present one of the dishes.

I decided to let confidence win that day. If I didn’t, I think filming would have eaten me alive. And you know what? it worked! I felt at home when recording too.

Here I am on set to help them set up the lighting and such.

Look at my hands. I was nervous, don’t get me wrong, but I decided to own it.

The day started for me in make-up and wardrobe.

The stylest and make-up artist, Julie and Nancy, were two of the nicest people I have ever met. They felt like anchors for me all day. I confessed my nervousness and they helped put me at ease. I’m sure they tired of my excessive talking because that’s what I do when I’m nervous. I talk. I talk a lot! But they didn’t seem to mind.

The crew grabbed me for the first shoot, and it was far from flawless. Lots of retakes and me messing up, but I went with the flow, took direction the best I could, and just tried to be myself. The first recipe we filmed was probably the simplest of the bunch (giving me a boost of confidence) and once we finished it, the rest of the day flew by.

I mean, it was non-stop action.

Before each recipe, the crew sets up. We then walk through the recipe steps together. Then the director and decision-makers would join us, and we’d walk through it again.

In the back, there are at least four chefs cooking everything for swap outs, beauty shots and such. The back kitchen is a flurry of activity all day. It’s impressive.

Look at all the stuff! It was like a home cook’s dream back there!

I did all the cooking on-screen too, but at key points, they would swap out the food because, ya know, we can’t wait 30 minutes for the chicken to cook thru or we’d be there all day.

There were at least ten people watching me on set, if not more.

During filming, someone would correct my wording or offer an idea. You’d think it would get frustrating, but I found it comforting. Almost as if everyone had my back. It relieved a lot of my perfectionist-tendencies. I’m so used to doing most things solo, worrying about and juggling all the variables by myself.

The last recipe was the most technically complicated. I knew it would be the hardest of the bunch but we got through it together. It was probably the one that made me laugh at myself the most because besides talking when I’m nervous I also tend to crack jokes. It’s a total defense mechanism.

All in all, we recorded six recipes in nine and a half hours. I was exhausted afterward, but it really did fly by.

Once they yelled, “That’s a wrap!” You’d think the day would be over but nope! The crew gets right back to work, taking down the set and setting it up for the next day.

These folks work HARD, and they are all so talented. It’s really awe-inspiring. I think my favorite part of the whole process was being around so many creative minds.

I’ll end with a short clip of my primadonna moment. It was during the longest shoot of the day, and I was wearing a sweater. I felt like I was melting, so I asked for a sip of water. That’s when they brought me a fan.

We all had a good laugh, at least I did. I’m sure it’s a common occurrence for them.

I’m not sure when the videos will be live but once they are, I will be sure to share. I can’t wait to see what they do in post-production!

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