I cannot believe it’s been a year since our last Mother-Sons adventure. As the kids get older time seems to be moving faster, making this little travel tradition of ours even more important to me.

For those that don’t know, I’ve committed to taking the boys on vacation yearly. We choose our destinations based on a few variables, most notably their interest and our budget.

This year we stayed a little closer to home and road tripped to Assateague Island for our first ever camping adventure! I knew I couldn’t hack camping solo with them for too long, so I decided to tack on a couple of days in Annapolis as well. We always like to mix up our experiences on these trips.

With a packed car, we headed on the road early Sunday morning.

The ride to Assateague isn’t too far. It took us just over three and a half hours.

Assateague Island is just south of Ocean City. It’s most known for the wild horses that live there. You can read more about them here.

When we arrived, it was more beautiful than I anticipated. We had an oceanside camping site, and when we walked onto the beach this is all we saw.

For three days, we basically lived on and had a private beach! The boys and I were in heaven.

Setting up camp was challenging, to say the least. The wind was wicked, but the kids and I were able to get the tent up, and we tried to use the car as a sort of wind blocker. It didn’t really work.

I have successfully raised two fishes, so we spend a lot of time in the ocean.

I did try to mobilize us a little so we walked to a local trail but the bugs were as bad as everyone warned as about.

Camping solo with two boys was an experience. It gave us all a time to bond and chat.

The 8-Year-Old got some much-needed play time WITHOUT a device. Here he is making us a “flag” for the campsite with things he scavenged.

The 14-Year-Old is at that wonderful age of dichotomy. He’s part adult that is mature, helpful, interested and chatty. The other part, however, is the typical annoying, moody, lazy teenager that instigates his little brother and drives me insane.

These trips always seem to help mature them, however.

Our first night we decided to take a walk on the beach. One kid went high.

The other low. This kid cannot be peeled away from the water!

Together we hunted for ghost crabs.

And found quite a few!

The next morning we woke to find a horse wandering around the campgrounds.

She was beautiful!

For some reason, I thought the horses on the island would be elusive, but they weren’t.

They were everywhere!

I mean everywhere!

I shared a story about this guy and our first real encounter with this group on Facebook – click here to check it out.

If you like horses and the beach, this place is definitely for you!

The afternoon of the second day, we decided to explore and head out for a meal. We weren’t prepared for the relentless sun (no umbrella or gazebo), and all of us felt a little sunstroke.

We drove around looking at all the amazing houses and stopped at this pier.

My favorite part of these trips is the brother bonding that happens. These two argue like any other siblings, but spending time together outside of their element, exploring and learning seems to bring them together.

We packed up the campsite (that was an adventure in an of itself) and headed to Ocean City for the day. The kids wanted to see the boardwalk, so we grabbed lunch and played a bit at an arcade.

That night we stayed at a shitty roadside before heading to the Delmarva Discovery Museum.

As you can see, they were thrilled.

We actually all enjoyed it there. The staff was super friendly, and they have some great hands-on exhibits.

The last leg of our adventure was downtown Annapolis. This guy was excited about the pool, of course. We had the whole thing to ourselves the first night, leaving Big Brother in the room.

The next day we explored the city a bit.

We ate lunch at the Iron Rooster and walked around the Naval Academy grounds.

The kids have NO city stamina, so we weren’t out too long.

We did, however, hit the pool. Again.

The last night we were all pretty exhausted, so we decided to just grab dinner at the hotel restaurant. This is the picture they wanted me to take to text their Dad. They were wiped out.

This year the 8-Year-Old told me to “stop picture-ing.” It became part of our family vocabulary almost immediately. We are still joking about it. But you know what? The day we checked out of the hotel in Annapolis, the two of them sat on the bed looking through the photos laughing and giggling, already reminiscing about the trip.

That was all the motivation I needed to keep up the tradition and continue to “picture” them.

Next year the kids requested someplace cooler. We are possibly thinking Niagra or a New England Cruise. Stay tuned. We usually start planning in November.

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