In 2012 I took my two boys on a day trip to Washington D.C. That trip sparked a yearly Mother-Sons adventure which has easily turned into my favorite tradition. It’s just us, a loose agenda and the open road. Most importantly, no other adults to make happy! I love my husband, and we have fun traveling with him, but these yearly trips have become sacred between my boys and me.

It’s a special time for us to spend alone, together and explore the world.

When blogging was more my focus, I would post about the trips, sharing our photos and experiences. However, I lost my (blogging) way in the last few years and am now in catchup mode. I want to have all our adventures documented before we take this year’s trip to Assateague Island and Annapolis. So I dug into my photo archive to see what I could find.

Unfortunately, I’m missing quite a few photos that I remember taking, but that’s ok. I was still able to pull together a pretty good photo journey of our trip.

It was June 2017 when the boys and I flew to Dallas and embarked on this week long, epic road trip.

The first stop was Fort Worth. We stayed in a hotel right across the street from the Water Gardens.

It was the perfect place to kick off our adventure.

The boys had the whole place to themselves early in the morning, and we walked around town exploring the city before heading for Abilene.

We visited Frontier Texas.

And wondered around a historic Texas town before heading to Marathon.

Marathon is the last little town before you make your way to Big Bend National Park.

We had fun exploring the small town.

We even discovered an awesome park called Gage Gardens while geocaching.

The kids weren’t as excited as I was for Big Bend, they were already pretty exhausted. We were covering quite a bit of ground.

The park was gorgeous and exactly what I expected.

The boys perked up once they got to explore. They love the outdoorsy stuff.

And I love watching them bond on these trips.

It was way too hot for us to do much hiking but we explored one of the trails for a little while.

The views were breathtaking.

We stayed in the park with no TV or WiFi. It was glorious! Even though they didn’t think so.

On our way out we did some more exploring.

We even stumbled on a new dinosaur exhibit they recently built.

I’d go back again in a heartbeat.

After Big Bend, we headed towards Austin geocaching our way across Texas. We made a stop at the Cave Without a Name.

I highly recommend it. We loved hearing the history and exploring the cave. It was gorgeous!

Afterwards, it was off to Austin!

We played mini-golf.

We met up with friends.

(That’s fellow blogger and my #wycwyc writing buddy Carla and her daughter. We couldn’t travel all that way and not see them!)

We also found our way to the graffiti park which I believe has since closed?!

It was the highlight of the trip for both boys.

They loved everything about it.

Even after the infamous spray paint incident.

Our trips are NEVER without at least one catastrophe. In Texas, we experienced at least three, but we survived.

On the way to the Houston airport, we made one more stop at the Beer Can House.

I was impressed. The kids were not. That happens more than I’d like to admit.

Texas was one of my favorite trips to date. The boys were troopers. We squished in as much as we could and bonded while exploring a completely new area for us.

I’m so glad I took the opportunity to share this trip. I lost some photos and had to do some digging. Now at least all the highlights are in one place.

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