Hey! Remember me? The girl who blogged her way to a seventy-pound weight loss? Well, I’m back!

Not in the same way, of course, lots of things have changed.

Instead of being a new mom in her early thirties with a baby on her hands, I’m now a mid-forties mom of two boys, eight and nearly fourteen.

Instead of wanting to lose weight and gain confidence, I now want to gain muscle and, well, still gain confidence. That hasn’t changed, but I’m much better than I used to be.

Instead of journaling daily on the eve of a blog revolution. I’m now just one of a million people who feel compelled to write in a public forum for some odd reason.

Actually, wait, the reason isn’t that odd.

Journaling helps goal achievement. Period. End of story.

I’ve known this for a long time. I was the poster child for yo-yo dieting until one day I decided to start a blog about it. Fast forward fourteen years later and here I am, not only maintaining that loss but flourishing as AN ATHLETE IN MY FORTIES.

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to yell but calling myself an athlete is part of that confidence thing I mentioned earlier. Also, I cannot stress enough that I changed the entire course of my life, my health, my fitness level, and my ability to achieve goals when I made the simple decision to stay accountable to my journal no matter what.

Don’t believe me? Well, according to Forbes,

…a study at Dominican University found that 43% of people who wrote down their goals achieved them. People who went one step further and shared their goals with a friend and sent them weekly updates were 33% more successful in accomplishing their goals. Writing works. 

How To Use Journaling To Achieve Your Goals, forbes.com

You could also do a simple search for Journaling and goal achievement and read one of the 20,000+ scholarly articles about it.

I’ll say it again. Journaling helps goal achievement. Period. End of story.

So here I am. Just a girl sitting in front of her computer contemplating what my current goals are and I’m ready.

I’m ready to stop feeding myself some bullshit about how I’m too old, too weak, too whatever to be a competitive CrossFitter. I’ll never get there if I keep poo-pooing myself away from the goal. The only chance I have is to face it head on, and that’s what I plan to do right here on the blog.

This photo was taken last year when I hit a new personal record on the bench press. You can see the pride in my face.

I cannot describe the feeling that the photo captured. It’s that feeling I get when I accomplish something I thought was once impossible.

I won’t mince words, I’m addicted to that feeling.

I felt the feeling when I ran across the finish line of my first marathon.

That feeling is what I’m working towards daily.

That feeling is what made me write this post.

I know what works. It’s just time to do it.

I’ll be back soon. Promise.

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A 40ish - wait, what?! - Mom who loves to try new things, share her adventures, and inspire people to reach their goals.