There I am on my first day of school as captured by the 7-Year-Old last week.

I’m back in the classroom, teaching at the Community College and it feels like home. Prepping for my classes, finding new ways to present information, coming up with activities for class, I love it!

The best part? I feel so much more productive balancing everything, my workload, the kids, our home, The Husband. I have two late nights a week, but I’m able to spend a much more relaxed morning with the boys. We make breakfast, clean up and then I head to the office.

They start school tomorrow, and I’ll be able to drive the 13-Year-Old a few times a week (he has no transportation) and be at the bus stop for 7-Year-Old. This was a big part of my desire to find a more flexible work situation. I was missing out on too much with them especially during these adolescent years. I want to be a strong presence in their lives and spend more time with them, not less.

In other news…

  • I’ve been cooking up a storm. Our family goal of eating out less is working. We did dinner out only once out last week, and the entire family is now involved in the grocery shopping and meal planning. I’ve been sharing my meal plans in the GreenLiteBites group on Facebook and trying to post at least a new recipe a month. I have quite a few backlogged, and sometimes I just share quick ingredient lists on Instagram as a way to keep notes for myself.
  • Today starts a new programming cycle at the gym, and I’m taking a stab at it myself. I’ve planned the whole week in a Google Doc and have a loose plan for an 8-week cycle which, afterward, I’ll test all my lifts to see if I made any strength gains.
  • On the “diet” front (I still hate the word) my focus on macros midweek with more relaxed weekends when I don’t food journal is working well for me. My weight has been stable for months now. I feel fantastic with the increase in protein, and it’s now totally second nature.
  • The Husband has also been killing it lately. He’s down 25lbs! Of course, for him, it came down to just eating less. I shall always be jealous of his lack of emotional eating. He’s just not wired to feel sorry for himself and grab a pint of ice cream with a spoon. He is, however, not a natural exerciser but he’s been following a daily home routine for a few months now, and there has been a marked change in his energy levels. It probably has to do with his overall reduction of sugar since he severely reduced his soda intake as well. Oh! And college football season started, so he’s on cloud nine.

That’s it from my neck of the woods for now. I’m hoping to start my guitar lessons back up once the family is back in the groove of school and we have our schedule down. I’ve been working on some goals lately, and that’s one of them. I’ll share more soon. I like the accountability of throwing my bucket lists out to the universe. It makes it more real for me.

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