Friday when deciding what to wear to work, I came across a skirt I shoved in the back of the closet because I never liked the way it looked on me. It’s one of those simple, super comfy long skirts with an elastic waistband band that pretty much goes with anything.

Actually, they have the exact one I’m talking about on Amazon. That’s crazy! All I did was search “gray skirt,” and it was on page one of the results.

Anyway,  I have both the Heather Gray and the Striped one.

I stopped wearing the gray one a couple of years ago because it never looked “right.” It just wasn’t flattering. The striped one was more forgiving for some reason, so it became my go-to.

This week the weather finally broke, and I felt like wearing shorter sleeves so I grabbed this cute purple sweater I’ve had forever and I immediately thought, “Hey! This would look cute with that gray skirt!” But I couldn’t find it. I thought I ended up donating it because I stopped wearing so long ago it but nope, there it was in the back, buried on the bottom of my “skirt hanger” with a handful of other abounded maxis.

When I put it on I was shocked. The waistband hung loosely around me (almost too loose), and it looked great!

I know I’m no fashionista but I felt super cute, so I snapped that picture to share on IG.

I’ve been macro counting for 15 weeks now, and I still can’t get over my progress. Here’s an updated since blogging about it a few weeks ago.

Average Weight Loss by Week

  • Week 01: +.5
  • Week 02: -1
  • Week 03: -.8
  • Week 04: -3.5
  • Week 05: -1.3
  • Week 06: +.3
  • Week 07: -3.1
  • Week 08: -.9
  • Week 09: -2.7
  • Week 10: -.3
  • Week 11: -1.2
  • Week 12: -1.7
  • Week 13: -1.8
  • Week 14: +.1
  • Week 15: -1.7

I’ve lost an additional 3.5 pounds in 3 weeks which I didn’t expect actually. Day-to-day it feels like the scale doesn’t change much at all. It’s up and down sometimes 3-4 pounds! But at the end of the week when I take the average, it consistently shows a downward trend.

The scale reading isn’t what I’m most shocked about with this whole experience. It’s my body composition. I’ve lost weight before, but I’ve never felt this “good” — I don’t know what words to use to describe it. I’m still a little over 15 pounds heavier them my old Weight Watchers low weight but I’m leaner, and I am eating more overall.

OK, enough about me! After I posted my celebratory photo on IG, the questions started rolling in, and I promised everyone I would share what I couldn’t in a blog post asap.

The most common question I received was how to get started, and I have three responses.

1. Hire a Coach

I recommend Stronger U. They are the ones who introduced me macros, and I’ve had much success with them. They do require a 12-week commitment, and they aren’t free. However, you get assigned a personal coach that will work with your and your goals, and the coach is available to you seven days a week. I blogged about them more here.

2. Buy this Book

If you want to learn more but don’t want to dive right in right away, I recommend this book by Michael Matthews. Some of his comments about weight loss and sculpting the “perfect body” made me cringe but he backs up his nutrition advice with tons of science and provides all the formulas and shows some sample meal plans for losing (cutting), maintaining and bulking (muscle gain).

He also goes into the fitness aspect and talks about what lifts you should focus on so you don’t have to spend hours and hours at the gym.

I enjoyed this book, It debunks a lot of myths about weight loss in general.

3. Brave it on Your Own

Search Macro counting and you’ll get a bajillion results on google. There are tons of sites and resources, calculators, and formulas. Based on the book I recommended above and my experience I’m going to share my own take below.

How Do I Calculate My Macros?

This is the million dollar question, isn’t it? There are tons of great calculators out there, but so many are tied to crazy marketing schemes that won’t give you the results until you enter your email. Based on Michael’s book above I’m going to share ranges to get you started.

To calculate your macros for weight loss, you could use your body weight as a guide. So, per pound of body weight you should be eating around:

  • .6 – 1 g of carbs
  • .2 – .3 g of fat
  • .8- 1.2 g of protein 

I’m about 150 pounds, so that puts my ranges at:

  • 90 – 150 g of carbs
  • 30 – 45 g of fat
  • 120 – 180 g of protein 

In my 16 weeks of macro counting, I’ve been between these ranges. I started at 150 g of carbs, 45 g of fat and 150 g of protein and about every two weeks, my coach and I would make adjustments based on progress.

What I like about macro counting is how it’s completely customizable. Through trial and error, you can find the perfect combination for your body and activity level. The key is following through with it and week-by-week, evaluating your progress so you could make those adjustments.

I use MyFitnessPal to plan my meals and keep daily food journal, but I like having an external way to track macros and progress. I use a google sheets file that my coach has access which is similar to this one.

I gave everyone read access to that file, but you can make a copy of it to use and track your progress.

All you need to do is click here to open it in Google Sheets. Then make a copy of it in your drive (I’m assuming you have a google account here), so you can edit it and add your data.

The sheet has all the formulas prefilled. All you need to do is add your:

  • hours of sleep,
  • morning Scale Reading (I like calling it this instead of weight. It helps remind me it’s just a number),
  • carbs,
  • fat, and
  • protein


How do I…

I was sent a ton more questions like tips on eating more protein, meal planning, etc. but I need to save those for a future post. I’m especially excited to answer the protein one because it was a struggle for me at first and now I’m usually disappointed at the end of the day I don’t get to eat more protein.

I hope that helps a little. I’m off to hunt for eggs with the kids. I’m making a lamb roast for Easter for the first time. I’m so excited!

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6 replies on “How To Get Started Counting Macros”

  1. What is your calorie range per day with those macros please? Maybe you said and I missed it. Thanks.

    1. Oh, sorry should have added that. It’s in my previous post and the Google sheets calculates it for for you. My average calories have been about 1500.

  2. I find the macro counting to be so cumbersome and constrictive. I get it that when i eat the proper % of carbs, proteins, and fats that i will be less hungry, but it feels like calculus. I keep going back to weight watchers for its simplicity. How can i make macros simple?

  3. My mom brain can’t wrap my head around this but desperately wants to try. If you ever need a guinea pig when you want to start coaching, I’m your gal! (A paying guinea pig)!

  4. Roni it is SO WEIRD to read you talking about your weight, after following along for such a long time when weight was not your focus. But I can’t thank you enough for sharing this information! My husband and I have both been making bumbling attempts at “counting carbs” the past several months, with mixed results. Some weeks we both feel much better and other times … not so much. And weight changes have been similarly mixed. We’re hunting for a long-term solution and trying to make small changes to get there. Your suggestions above make me think we haven’t been looking at the BIG picture – counting just one macro isn’t enough. Thanks!

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