Guys, I need to take a minute to share this because, well, LOOK…

That’s all three boys prepping dinner!

You may be like…. big whoop, Roni, who cares? But here’s the deal: I’ve been trying to do this for years!

Other parents will understand, I’m sure. It’s not that easy to get the kids to help with dinner.  Sometimes you just don’t want to hear the whining. Sometimes you don’t have the energy to wrangle the entire family after a long day at work. Sometimes it’s easier just to do it yourself.

This past week I decided I’d attempt to execute project family dinner and it was a total success.

I gave The 12-Year-Old ample time to finalize any active Xbox games. The 7-Year-Old was told the TV was getting shut off when his brother came downstairs.

I gathered them both in the kitchen, and it went down like this…

I said, “I know we’ve gone down the list route in the past but we are moving past that now. Look around. What needs to be done?”

The 12-Year-Old said, “The dishwasher needs to be emptied.”

“YES!” I said.

The 7-Year-Old mumbled, “I can clean the living room. I guess.”

“Perfect!”. I said, get to it!

Once the cleanup was done, they joined The Husband and me in the kitchen to help prep dinner. We were talking. The music was playing. It was wonderful.

We did this both Monday and Tuesday of last week, and it was great. We already eat dinner together nightly, but my goal is to have this family teamwork thing happen at least 2-3 nights a week.

Other recent things worth celebrating…

The Husband and I took a Curling class last weekend.

LOADS of fun! I’d totally do it again.

I hit a new overhead squat 1 rep max.

I started a new strength cycle too, and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

Spring finally spring in Baltimore!

The weather has been unseasonably cold and depressing lately. I was in desperate need of some warmer temps and sun.

The Husband and I last night.

Our friends hosted a Murder Mystery night: A Taste for Wine and Murder. I was assigned the role of Tiny Bubbles, and The Husband was Otto Von Schnapps. We went all out on the costumes and enjoyed playing the characters.

We loved it so much I just ordered Murder at Mardi Gras so we can host the game in a few months. I can’t wait!

It’s been a great week, and we aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Next weekend all the grandparents are coming in for our spring family dinner. The following weekend is our 17th wedding anniversary so the weekend after that The Husband and I are spending two nights in Rehobeth to celebrate.

So much to look forward to. I love spring! (When it’s actually warm, that is.)

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3 replies on “Celebrating the Wins”

  1. Congrats on getting your boys to help before dinner and with dinner prep. That is no small feat! What a great experience as a family and wonderful practice for knowing how to help when that need arises outside of your home too. Also, you look amazing in that last photo with your husband. It makes me happy just to see all this happiness!

  2. I have missed you! I just saw your name on LinkedIn and I’m like whoooaaaaa where did Roni go? (haven’t seen on FB or anywhere). . and here you are! Nice to see you 🙂

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