I did something that scared me today. Something pretty small and insignificant but scared me nonetheless.

I blocked Facebook from my browser.

You can roll your eyes all you want. It’s cool. I know how ridiculous it is to literally have to block myself from a website, but truth be told, I couldn’t stop myself.

The amount of time I was spending on Facebook was absurd, and you know what? I don’t think that would be a big deal if I were enjoying it. If it was bringing me joy than who gives a shit? I’ve been using Facebook since; I don’t know, 2005ish? And I look back fondly on the friendships I’ve made and kept because if it. I reconnected with old High School friends, marketed my business, and have truly loved sharing and reading updates.

I am a people person, and what better way is there to connect with people than Facebook?

I mean, really? It’s a fantastic platform!


You knew a but was coming, didn’t you?

Of course, you did, I just told you I blocked Facebook!

Recently (and when I say recently I mean like the last year or so) Facebook hasn’t been enjoyable. It hasn’t brought me joy. It actually does the complete opposite. I find myself mindless scrolling through updates that depress me.

I thought for awhile I could control the environment within Facebook by only using groups or hiding updates from people who continuously brought me down. And that would work for a little while until it didn’t, and again I’d mindlessly scroll just because it’s what I do.

Last week I decided to uninstall the Facebook app from my phone. By the end of the day, I was visiting the mobile site like a freakin’ addict.

Today I decided to go cold turkey and installed this extension to Chrome.

I have not been on Facebook since this morning. It’s been about 7 hours, I think.

Again, go ahead, roll your eyes. I know how this sounds. It’s crazy!

In that 7 hours, I probably thought about typing Facebook.com in my browser approximately 3,472 times, but I didn’t do. I didn’t unblock it. Actually, what I did was leave a window open with this screen on one of my monitors as a reminder, and it helped.

Will I say I’ll never be on Facebook again?


I really do think it’s an awesome social network! I just need a break. I’ve been struggling with stress and depression recently, and I genuinely want to see if this makes a difference.

I think it will.

It may have already, and it’s only been a few hours.

Yes, I also know how crazy that sounds (it’s only been but a few hours!) but sometimes it’s not about the thing it’s about taking action to consciously try to fix the thing that helps me.

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10 replies on “Taking Action to Consciously Try to Fix the Thing”

  1. Welcome to the club! Your experience with FB is so similar to mine. I deactivated last spring, and after 2 weeks stopped even thinking about it. I am so much closer to the people I care about keeping close, as we have made time to connect 1:1, even if its just thru good old fashioned email. And the people I’m not close to? Lost interest in keeping up with details of their lives almost immediately. I spend that time investing in things that are important.
    You got this!

  2. Roni,

    I’ve followed you for a very long time, long before you had Ryan. I remember so many different things you’ve done, different jobs, different meal plans, your fun recipes, fun travels with hub and Mom kid trips, different workouts, joining gyms.. working at a gym.

    Your a great wife and Mom. You make your families’ life and so much better and easier for them each and every day. I was in your shoes one day. I made a decision ( which created a family lifestyle change less $$) I quit trying to do it all. I always put my family first, but I also invested in myself. By giving up the corporate life and being a wife and Mom first. The pressure of working jobs where I resented they had my time, my life. I wanted to be with my family, to hit the gym every day if I felt like it, grocery shop when it wasn’t packed, quit fitting everything into weekends. I began to live. I know everyone doesn’t have a choice in working ( maybe some love or honesty feel fulfilled by their job) but cutting way back or a part time, no stress job isn’t to bad. ( Heck I worked at Starbucks a few hours a week, on my terms and worked with and met great people). I doubt my way is your way, but I hope you find contentment and happiness your way, because if anyone deserves it, it’s you. You’ve added so much to so many the past years. ?

    1. HEAR YOU! It’s why I took a pay cut and left my last position for the one I have now. More balance for sure and I really enjoy it. I pick and choose my battles and this whole giving up FB is my current one. I’m just in the throws and finding my way like everyone else. If I’m not happy, I change. It’s about the only thing I’m consistently good at. 🙂

  3. I feel the same way you do. I see less updates from friends and more bait click articles, silky quizzes, videos and news articles. Isn’t the point of the site to connect you with your friends? I very rarely post anything anymore and also uninstalled the app. And like you, I mindlessly go to the Web page far too often (though I can avoid it for a few days).

    I strongly suspect you aren’t alone in your feelings about the site.

  4. i have been off facebook for a few years now, don’t miss it one single buit and honestly it was a time killer. congrats!

  5. I never was on Facebook but it seems like everyone else is. I guess I would rather live life than just scroll on the internet. I enjoy it but endless hours? Not for me.

  6. I wondered why I hadn’t see a link to a blog post on Facebook. Your recent pic post came up on Instagram (which I never use) on my Kindle!! I too am re-thinking what is sucking up my time and what do I want to let go of. The older the boys get – the busier you will be an then it will all come to a screeching halt!

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