If you follow my weight loss blog you may know I recently traveled to Kentucky to run an event. I’ve never been and I was looking forward to exploring the city even if only for a few hours. Thankfully I had a local to take advantage of. Emmie of Authentically Emmie acted as host and tour guide for my 2 days in Lexington.

The first thing I noticed was Kentucky’s beauty from the plane.

Kentucky from the air

I don’t quite know what I was expecting, but rolling green hills wasn’t it. It looked like a view of Ireland. Well, at least what I imagine Ireland to look like.

I was traveling with friends and we landed at Blue Grass Airport around 8:30 a.m taking one of the only non-stop flights from DC. It was a short, easy flight and the airport is very conveniently located to the city.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 1.54.12 PM

We decided to just drive through the Lexington before meeting up with the group. It was a really easy city to navigate and had zero traffic. Always a welcome change from Baltimore.

Emmie reserved a few seats for us at Keeneland Racetrack and I was ecstatic. Growing up next to Pocono Downs I’m pretty familiar with harness racing but thoroughbreds are really exciting!

Walking in you can just feel the history and pride of horse racing.


Keeneland was fantastic. A beautiful track, good food and a great margarita! We settled into our seats and bet on a few races.

Keeneland Race Track

I didn’t realize it at the time because I was too busy taking pictures, but I actually ended up winning that race with an exacta box bet. I didn’t win enough to pay off my mortgage but dinner was definitely going to be on me.

If you’ve never been to a track I recommend it. It’s really a fun experience chatting with friends and watching the horses.


As you can see from our smiles we had a blast.

Jimmy, Tiger, Me, Emmie, and Alan.
Jimmy, Tiger, Me, Emmie, and Alan.

After we left Keeneland, Emmie took us past the Kentucky Castle.

Kentucky Castle

That’s right, Kentucky has its very own castle! It’s called Castle Post and according to Emmie it was built by a man in the 1960s for his wife after they were inspired by a trip to Europe. Unfortunately they divorced before the castle was finished and it sat unused for years until it was purchased and renovated as a hotel.

Kentucky Castle Fountain

I love little local nuggets like this.

We ended the day with dinner at Saul Good, a local Lexington resturant and pub.

Saul good

They had great food and a nice atmosphere. It was a great choice for our group.

Overall it was a great day in Lexington. I really wish I had at least one more day. I may just have to go back and spend a night in the castle!

Oh! And even with the tip I walked away $25 richer than I came.

Yay, Lexington! 🙂



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