I have SO much I want to share about our Vermont trip! I just wish I had a few extra hours a day to go through the excessive amount of photos I took!

I’ve been separating them by day and decided to start with a photo post of our day in Burlington. Actually, it was just a few hours. We had to head back to the hotel for a cooking class — yet another thing I want to tell you about!

One of the first things we saw was a place more than of few people told me about, The Farm House.

We were hungry, too!

The Farm House
Next time I’m in Burlington for sure!

Unfortunately 50 minutes was just way too long to wait.

We continued our walk. It was GORGEOUS out!

Church Street Burlington, VT
Church Street Burlington, VT

And we both commented that we’d love to live here if it wasn’t so darn cold most of the year.

We settled on a little place called Leunig’s for lunch.

Leunig's Cafe Sign
Leunig’s Cafe Sign

They had something on the menu I’ve never seen before.

Duck Tacos at Leunig's
Duck Tacos at Leunig’s? Yes, please!

I had to do it. Unlike The Husband  who ordered a burger, I have the must-try-new-things gene.

We did split an amazing appetizer though.

Leunig's Appetizer
Leunig’s Appetizer of shrimp and steak.

That was shrimp and steak skewers with some kind of salsa on the bottom.


Even though we didn’t find out until after I took the photo.

He's getting more tolerant of my obsessive photo taking.
He’s getting more tolerant of my obsessive photo taking. 🙂

The Duck Tacos came and they were fabulous!

Duck Tacos
Duck Tacos

We enjoyed our lunch and hit Church Street again.

The Church at Church Street
The Church at Church Street

I really wanted to see the waterfront so we took a turn towards Lake Champlain.

You can see the lake from everywhere!


Absolutely breathtaking!
Absolutely breathtaking!

Here’s a panoramic. Click on it to see full size.

Waterfront Panoramic
Waterfront Panoramic

I just couldn’t help myself.

On our walk back I saw this artist painting.

Artist in Burlington VT
Artist in Burlington VT

We had a quick conversation about how awesome it was out and how he loves it there.

Just thinking about it is making me smile. 🙂

We walked back to Church Street and settled on a snow cone for dessert.

Shaved Ice!
Shaved Ice!

Then just strolled around admiring all the street performers.

Street Performers in Burlington 1
These 2 were fantastic!
Street Performers in Burlington 2
He looked so sad.
Street Performers in Burlington 3
Mr. Creepy! He was not moving. So weird!
Street Performers in Burlington
Street Performers in Burlington 5
The Duo was sometimes a Quartet!

We took a small break in the mall before heading back.

The Husband in the Mall
Relaxing outside Hollister

It really was a wonderful afternoon. I never expected Burlington to be so nice!

Stay tuned for more Vermont posts. I plan on reviewing the resort next. In the meantime click here to see how we got to Vermont!


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