This past weekend I had a chance to stay and play at Pechanga Resort and Casino while in Temecula CA for a running event.

I had NO idea what to expect. The hotel was one of a dozen or so listed on the event’s site and when I saw “casino” in the name I was sold.

I’m not a big gambler by any means, but I enjoy playing Poker and maybe a few hands of BlackJack at the tables. It reminds me of my Grandparents. Growing up I fondly remember playing Rummy and betting quarters on dealer’s choice poker nights.

I assumed a “Resort and Casino” would also have a pool, lots of places to eat and at least one bar. All of which they did. Considering I was only in town for only 1 full day, I knew I wouldn’t have time to do much exploring out and about, but wandering around a casino is fun and it’s nice to know everything I needed would be available.

I was right. Pechanga was perfect!

It reminded me a lot of Atlantic City resorts only nicer, and when I say “nicer” I don’t mean the building is newer or cleaner. I mean the staff was literally nicer. Every. single. person. I interacted with was helpful, courteous, and easy to talk to, and I don’t even mean the hotel staff! Other guests, people I sat next to at the BlackJack table, people in the hot tub, even the dealers. The dealers! Have you been to Atlantic city? MAN they have some mean dealers there.

I think I actually said, “Everyone here is so nice!” out loud a few times over the weekend.

As for the rooms they were also nice, but this time I mean it the other way as rooms can’t be polite, can they?

Okay, bad joke. Anyway, the rooms were modern, clean, and VERY roomy.

Room at Pechanga
Room at Pechanga

Don’t mind the 2 goofballs in the photo. They were my running team.

We ended up only having one meal there. It was at the low key sports bar called Kelsey’s. They had typical bar food fair and we decided to order a bunch of things to split like empanadas,

Empanadas as Kelsey's
Empanadas as Kelsey’s


Calamari at Kelsey's
Calamari at Kelsey’s

wings, pizza, nachos, and fish and chips.

Note: I didn’t get a chance to photo everything before the boys got their hands on it. Scavengers!

Oh, and yes we were hungry. It was quite an active day!

Anyway, all the food was good! The pizza surprised me. Good for a small bar pie and the calamari wasn’t overly rubbery. Oh and the wings were HOT!

Overall I had a wonderful time playing a Pechanga. I wish I was there longer to try more restaurants and explore the surrounding area. I guess that just means I’m going to have to go back. 🙂

Pechanga Thumbs Up
Pechanga Thumbs Up

And if you are wondering,

Pechanga Chip
Pechanga Chip

I started and ended with this $100 chip. See, I’m not a gambler after all because breaking even at a casino is a total win in my book.

Click here to visit the Pechanga website. Pechanga literally mean place where the water drips. I looked it up on the tribes website as well. I was really curious.

Kelsey's on Urbanspoon
45000 Pechanga Parkway
Temecula, CA 92592
Phone: (951) 693-1819

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