Why oh WHY did I decide to drive to NY from Baltimore? Jen warned me. She wanted to take the train and normally I am a train person but for some reason I just didn’t want to deal with mass transit. I just wanted to hop in the car and go.

Speaking of, have you seen my car?

It’s a 2000 Honda Civic and I LOVE it. Dents and all. Perfect for New York Driving. 🙂

So Anyway, here we are on the road to NY. The trip should take max 3 hours. Umm yea. SHOULD have.

First we hit major traffic on the Delaware Memorial bridge. As we crossed we swore we saw a man sitting on the ledge. Well, we were right! Thankfully he didn’t jump but man did he cause a backup!

After 2 hours we were barely midway through New Jersey.

Jen was NOT very happy. lol

We started to make up a little time but then RAIN!!

I put my foot up and tried to just enjoy the ride.

So sad we didn’t get to see the New York view going in but even with the fog and overcast it makes me smile.

So as if the suicide attempt and rain traffic wasn’t enough then we hit an hour delay at the Lincoln Tunnel.


6 hours later. SIX! We finally made it to our room and smiled at the view.

That’s central park up there!

We ended up taking a nice stroll and going to dinner. (Jen reviewed the restaurant here.) Here’s a few shots we snapped on the way back.

If you are planning on staying in New York City I highly recommend the Hilton New York.

It’s the largest hotel in New York City located on the northwest edge of Rockefeller Center at Sixth Avenue and 53rd Street. Tons to see in walking distance!

We have 4 more days here am looking forward to more New York time!

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