Yesterday GoT was on, and even though I was falling asleep on the couch around 7 p.m., I had to wake myself up to watch it — which I did while eating an unnecessary snack to help me stay awake, of course. This is my downfall. I swear.

Yesterday I cooked the most amazing Sunday dinner! 

I am on a mission to make Sunday Dinner a thing again. I want to make an old-fashioned meal weekly that sets the tone of eating at home for the rest of week.

Yesterday I took the kids school shopping. I simultaneously love and hate this time of year. The 11-year-old is totally ready to embark on 7th grade. His binder and book bag are packed and ready to go. The 6-year-old is just worried he didn’t finish the binder full of papers his kindergarten teacher gave him. He’s my little perfectionist. I have no idea where he gets it from.

Yesterday I stood up for myself in a strong, firm way without getting emotional or starting any type of drama. I’m not going to give details.  All I’ll say is I’m proud of myself and I’ve noticed I’m getting better at this as I age. Ain’t no one got time for drama.

Yesterday I made the simplest of lunches.

The kids were having sandwiches and I was just in the mood for something fun. So I fried up some ham next to the 6-year-old’s grilled cheese and added it to a halved poblano pepper with a half a slice of pepper jack on the bottom and half on top. Then I put the peppers on the grill pan and cooked covered until the bottom of the pepper softened and the cheese melted. It was delicious!

Yesterday I ran my first 5k event in, omg, I have no idea how long! 

It was a blast! Hard AF but a blast. I finished it in 31:30. Not my best time but I’ll take it for as untrained I was and hilly it was. Participating made me a bit reminiscent of my running days. The atmosphere was inspiring! After I finished I circled back around to cheer others on and I had a tear in my eye watching people at all different fitness levels cross the finish line. Some with strollers, some with friends, some solo like me just doing their thing. I think it may be time to sign up for a few races in the coming months. I miss them.


5 comments On Yesterday…

  • How do you make your brussel sprouts because they look amazing! I love brussel sprouts but have been too scared to try to make them.

    • ok a few tips…
      1. Half them.
      2. Don’t fear the oil. Drizzle some on and then massage
      3. spread them nice on baking sheet.
      4. Roast at 425 until crips, shacking the pan 2-3 times.

  • I too have notice that as I age, I stand up for myself (and others that need it) in a calm, strong way – way more often than before. It is very empowering, I wish I could bottle this skill up and give it away! (especially to my 13yo daughter) . Good for you!

  • I know exactly what you mean about standing up for yourself and not getting emotional. I have noticed myself being able to do that more as well. Must come with 40 ; )

    Good job!

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