The Notebook Returns

No, no this isn’t a sequel to everyone’s favorite Ryan Gosling flick. This is the post in which I profess my love of the good old fashioned notebook.


This week I went old school with my journaling, using this ancient marble notebook I found at the bottom of my desk drawer. I’m pretty sure I bought it years ago for the now middle schooler’s kindergarten supply list. (Please make it stop — these kids are getting too old!)

When I first started Weight Watchers and blogging way back when, I kept paper food journals. It was the first time I ever found any success dieting. When I first started CrossFit I’d keep track of my weight training in a small notebook. Nothing made me happier than to cross off an old 1 rep max as I increased my strength.

I stopped keeping paper journals after awhile in both areas — food and fitness — shifting online to web-based food journals and apps until my need (or more like interest) to journal faded away.

Well, it’s back and I’m blaming The Husband. He’s on his no-sugar kick again and I suggested he start keeping a food journal. Like most of us, he has a habit of wanting to do everything all at once starting NOW. He’s going to cut back on soda, stop eating his favorite snacks, stop eating out at lunch (only his most favorite thing in the whole world), etc., etc., etc.

He told me all this weeks ago — more like months but I’m being nice. Every day has been the same…

Him: No soda tomorrow. OK?

Me: OK.

Him while out to lunch: Is it OK if I get a soda?



I finally had enough and suggested he just start keeping a notebook. I told him I’d do it too so we could be accountability partners. Lord knows I can always use a little extra accountability in the food department. Overall I make good choices, but, ya know… nighttime snacks, mindless eating and, um, cheese.

It’s easy to go overboard.

I also started a new lifting program with my friends in the morning. So I decided to track my workouts on paper, old-school like.

AND since I’ve been struggling a bit in the mood department, I decided to jot a few words about my day so I could maybe discover patterns, or at the very least have more specifics to talk to the doctor about.

I have a journal page for each day split up into 3 categories: Fitness, Food, and Feelings

In the morning I jot down what I did at the gym and then jot down what I’m bringing to work in the food department. After dinner, I update my food journal making any additions and then before bed I jot down a few words about my day.

Easy peasy and the best part so far… The Husband sends me random pics of his notebook when he’s all proud of himself.


I like when we’re on the same page (pun intended).

4 comments On The Notebook Returns

  • YEP!! Been planning on going back to pen & paper myself! I stopped journaling my food & fitness and I miss it. I have of course been procrastinating, you know…………….have to find the “right” notebook, have to start on a Monday, etc etc……………….GEEZ!! Hopefully your post will give me the PUSH I need just to START!!

  • This post is perfect timing! I’ve been struggling to remain accountable to my goals! It’s a slippery slope so thank you! I’ve picked up my notebook again as well and your three sections a day idea is perfect. I’ve been a fan for many years and want to thank you for all of your fantastic work over the years. You inspire me to try harder and not have fear of, or hate for, my body. 💖

  • You know, I couldn’t agree more. With the apps/online you’re choosing and moving on…..when you write it down you are a little more aware of what you’re doing.

  • You should keep track of your “day”. Usually your day correlates very strongly with your moods. Day 1 is the first day of your cycle. I’m pretty much good days 3 – 13, then after that, it all goes down hill. Lol. I started just keeping an old school teacher behavior
    Chart with a check mark for when I workout. I love seeing the checks. Haha

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