The Evolution of Self Care AKA Getting My Family to MOVE MORE!

I “work out” daily by either hitting the gym in the morning before work, taking a run around my neighborhood or hiking a local trail. Days when I don’t hit the gym or go for a run I walk at least a mile at lunch. Actually, I walk a mile almost every day at lunch regardless of what I do in the morning barring rain or a super busy schedule.

I quoted “work out” above because I no longer see what I do as “working out.” It’s so much more than that to me. It’s stress release, social, energizing, meditation, and most importantly, MY TIME. Fundamentally, it is how I take care of myself both physically and mentally.

Did I always feel this way about “working out”?

Ummm, No.

It’s been a ten-year journey.

Last week I decided to challenge the family to a run streak. You know, when you run daily for as long as possible.

As you probably guessed, the idea did NOT go over well. The 6-Year-old thought it kind of cool but asked if we could just walk. The 12-year-Old rolled his eyes and whined as 12-year-olds do. And the Husband was like… no. way.

I was relentless and last Monday we embarked on a short 1/2 mile loop around our block.

Oh if I only recorded the drama this short run caused with all three of my 3 boys.

The next day took some more persuading to get them out the door. I finally had to put my foot down and angrily say…

“It’s FIVE MINUTES guys. Give me five minutes. You aren’t going die!”

And they didn’t.

Day 3 was rainy, and they tried to use that as an excuse, but I wasn’t having it.  The only one that was excited about it was the 6-Year-Old until we got outside. Then all of a sudden everyone was giggling and try to splash each other during the run.

Day 4 The Husband got angry when I said it was time to head out. I believe his quote was something along the lines of, “I worked all day, picked up the kids, made dinner. All I want to do is sit on the couch, but NOOOO I need to be some kind of perfect human being and work out.”

I tried my best not to laugh and told him it was okay. He didn’t need to do. I’ll just do it with the kids. But he insisted, and he ran his half a mile in silence.

Day 5 is when things got interesting. It was a Thursday. I have bowling on Thursdays, and I’m normally in a rush to get home, get some dinner, catch up with the kids and get out the door. Well, it was The Husband who said, “Ok guys, get your shoes on we need to run before Mom goes to bowling.”

I nearly fainted.

First of all, I totally forgot! Second, who is this man and what did he do with my husband.

I think he may be evolving!

We even played catch with the kids outside for a good half hour afterward.

I always say activity begets activity, and this little running streak may prove it for me.

Day 6 we decided to go to our favorite Asian restaurant about 3/4 of a mile from the house for a late lunch early dinner. Before I even brought up the run, The Husband asked if we could walk to and from instead and I agreed.

I was just so happy he took the lead, again!

Day 7 the whole family headed out again with minimal complaints. They even let me snap a selfie afterward before we played another game of catch.

The sun was in our eyes, can you tell?

We headed out again tonight, and I love that it’s becoming a family habit. I set a goal for us to keep up the streak until my surgery. I think it’s helping their state of mind that there’s an end in sight. The Husband says he can’t imagine running any further than a half a mile, but I know he can because I had the same exact thoughts when I first started.

After surgery, I’m hoping they join me on walks during recover and then we can build back up to running. There’s a 5k color run coming not that far from the house at the end of October and think we may sign up as a family. I don’t even care if we walk it. I’m just happy The Husband is evolving to see moving as self-care and that we are setting this example for the boys.

Tonight while putting the 6-Year-Old to bed he asked if we could run before dinner tomorrow because we have to attend Back-To-School Night.

I think it’s working.

7 comments On The Evolution of Self Care AKA Getting My Family to MOVE MORE!

  • This is a great story! It’s funny that now I don’t see it as “working out” per se; moving every day is now just something that I do and I like it. And your story proves it doesn’t take that long to make this a habit.

  • I love this! I am going to implement this at my house as well!

  • This is awesome!!! I don’t have kids but have a pup who stares us down before her morning walk. Whatever it takes to get us moving I’m all for it!! Great job Roni!

  • Different question for you……what’s happening with your site “blog to lose?” When I click on it it get message that it’s under construction or something like that and that’s been the message for a couple of weeks. Not sure I really like the site as only a few people post and pretty much say the same thing week in and week out.:(

  • Love this post. We homeschool and one of our co-op group classes offered this semester is PE. Well, the lady brought this AWESOME game called Fitivities. SO. MUCH. FUN. I am overweight, and I couldn’t even help but want to participate! lol I thought I’d tell you about it. I plan to get it for my family for Christmas. It’s $30 on Amazon. It has all kinds of different exercises and you have to roll the dice to land on the activity and then spin a spinner to find out how many times to do the thing. You do it in teams as a race. You can see videos of office workers and even college students doing it. I bet it’s something you’d love! I’ll add the link in case you want to check it out.

  • Roni, I LOVE this idea. I think I might just give it a try with my difficult to inspire to exercise husband!!! It may just work!!!

  • I think this is my favorite post EVER, and look, I been reading you since 2008 I guess. I really love this!!!

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