TENS, Training and a Throwback to Thursday Thoughts

Does anyone remember when I used to do a blog series called Thursday Thoughts on Roni’s Weigh?


I originally posted that image 9 years ago and continued a series of post for years on Thursdays where I would share a bullets lists of thoughts, links, resources, and updates. I’m thinking of restarting this concept. I like the idea of having a weekly blogging goal and an outlet to share little tidbits I pick up during the week. However, I think a new image is in order.

Why can you only get away with stuff like that in your 20s and 30s? Or maybe you can’t but you just do it anyway?

In my 40s, umm, no.

thursday Thoughts 2

It’s been decided. Yes on Thursday Thoughts! No on the funny face photo. Yikes!

Okay, let’s do this…

  • Starting with a thought on my back and neck pain after posting the 40 (almost 41-year-old version of my silly photo) seems appropriate. So I’m starting with a profession of love for my TENS unit. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and it’s the only way I can manage my chronic neck pain. My mom gave me her old unit about 10 years ago and on those (now rare) occasions when I throw my back/neck out it’s one of the only things that provide relief. I actually had to wear it to work today just so I could turn my head left and right. They don’t make the model I have anymore but it’s similar to this one on Amazon.
  • Since I’m on the subject, did you know strength training relieves chronic neck pain? That’s why I noted that my neck issues are “now rare.” Since I started regularly working out and lifting weights I’ve been able to control and manage my pain better than when I took that original Thursday Thoughts photo. Yay for picking things up and putting them down!
  • On to another type of “training.” Besides training every morning at the gym, I’ve started taking that online training course to become a travel agent and I’m loving it! I have no big plans to leave my full-time position anytime soon but I want (need?) to be working on something for myself, and this just seems like a natural transition. I’m passionate about traveling and have a blast researching and planning my own trips, so why not learn everything I can and offer my services to others? If there are any agents out there I’d love to hear from you! This is a big shift for me.
  • Changing gears, I don’t care what they say about chocolate before bed. I celebrate the end of the day with a bar (1/2 serving) of this and I’m in heaven!
  • Speaking of chocolate, The Husband and I are changing up our “date night in” this week and having dinner at a friend’s house Saturday night. I’ve been tasked with dessert and have decided to give this flourless chocolate cake a try. I also found this recipe but I don’t know enough about erythritol yet. I may order it just to see what all the fuss is about. Does anyone use it?
  • I’m ending today’s thoughts with this appropriate article about the 3 Types of Therapeutic Writing. I’ve increased my blogging just slightly these last couple of weeks and I already feel loads better. Thank you.


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  • Swerve is made with Erythrital and can be found in some stores, I tjink they have a where to buy button on their website….it was the same price to but the 12oz bag locally as it was on Amazon. I used it in some coconut flour waffles that I made and an almond flour lime cake. It’s not bad, just a bit $$

  • I use swerve, but recently switched my sweetener of choice to Xyla (a birch bark xylitol, do t use the corn one it may cause intestinal discomfort!) The swerve sometimes gives a slight “cooling” effect in baked goods. And have you tried Lily’s extra dark chocolate bars? They are stevia sweetened. So good (try dipping into raw almond butter!)

  • Yes I remember, looking forward to reading them again!!

  • Hi Roni,
    We do not know each other personally but I have been a long time follower of your blog. When I saw your post today about trying an artificial sweetener I felt I should tell you a bit about what my husband has been struggling with.
    You have shared bits and pieces on your blog of problems with stomach issues yourself, much like that of what my poor husband has been living also for the past three years. (Except the monthly visitor of course…haha). And about three months ago now we decided to completely remove all artificial sweeteners and sweetener alcohols from his diet. Now, let me warn you this was not easy!!!! But after a few days of kombucha(8oz. a day for two weeks) and no artificial sweeteners at all in his diet he saw drastic improvement in bloating, bathroom visits, and simply was not so miserable. As of today he is now drinking 8oz. of kombucha about once/twice a week and has not had artificial sweetener for months and feels amazing!!!!
    I cringed when I saw you were going to try erythritol since this is one on our NO NO list and is known to cause stomach issues. Be careful…sometimes plain old sugar is not that bad.

    And I completely agree on the TENS unit…..it a massage in a box! Love mine too.

    I look forward to more of your Thursday blogs;-)

    • I appreciate the insight! I’m not a big sugar or artificial sweetener person but I do like try all things to form my own opinion.

      And I’m convinced Kombucha saved my stomach after a round of crappy antibiotics! Love that stuff!

    • That is so interesting you mentioned this.
      I recently discovered these sweeteners (artificial and the natural fruit sugars that end in ol ) can cause major gas, cramping and bloat. These alcohol sugars are found in stone fruits like apricots, plums, cherries, dates, raisins etc.
      Of course each person is different but I wish I had known this years ago.
      Roni you rock by the way
      I’m totally going to look into getting a Tens unit
      For my husband and myself
      How can I never have heard of these things?!! 😬

  • So excited to see Thursday Thoughts posts back! I’ve never commented on your blogs before but have been following for years! 🙂

  • Would you mind sending me some information on the travel agent course you are taking.

  • Hi Roni!
    Love seeing Thoughts Thursday again. I’d also be curious to hear about this travel agent course. I love my Tens unit. Mines almost 20 years old and still going strong. I love that you have stuck with lifting. Do you ever miss your old box?

  • If you decide to go with xylitol, please be careful with it around dogs. Even a tiny bit can kill them.

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