Tales From the New Office Job!

OMG I have SO much to tell you guys!

My first day on the new job was on Valentine’s Day and I came home to this.

Valentines day

Totally sweet and unexpected.

Anyway, let me just tell you off the bat, the new job is awesome! I don’t think I could have found a better match for me in all realms — location, co-workers, and the actual work work.

My commute is just under 20 minutes. I take mostly side roads and go against the typical Baltimore rush hour traffic pattern. When everyone is going south I’m going north and when everyone is going north — yup, you guessed it — I’m going south.  The only way it could be more perfect is if I could walk or even ride a bike there, but that’s pretty unrealistic given where I live.

I’m the sixth person on the marketing team and it’s an amazing group of people. I love being around such friendly, smart, confident women; the guys on the team are just as nice. Everyone has been so warm and welcoming. I feel as if I fit right in with this group.

The best part is the actual work. I’m part of the marketing department in the corporate office of a national franchised childcare center. About half of my job is in the digital realm. I’ll be helping the senior digital marketing strategist maintain the corporate and franchise location presences online so that’s, ummmm, right up my alley. The other part is building multichannel marketing plans for new franchise owners. In essence, this part of my job is to teach the owners the best way to market their new business traditionally, digitally and through grassroots methods.

Doesn’t that sound fun?

I think it does and I guess that’s all that matters.

From the family perspective the adjustment so far has been fairly smooth. The Husband is definitely the most affected since he works from home and is the most flexible. Now he’s responsible for drop off and pick up plus all the little extra jaunts to and from after school clubs and such. He also picked up twoi more days of dinner duty!

He’s not a natural cook so this is nothing short of a miracle. Before I started working he would handle one day a week on my bowling league night. However, I struggle to call what he was doing as cooking since he would pretty much popping a frozen mac & cheese into the microwave. The kids love it of course but I told him he was going to need him to step up his game.

So we decided to go with Hello Fresh — one of those ingredient/recipe meal delivery services. It’s unrealistic to think he’s going to just start whipping up meals from scratch with no cooking experience or recipes so we thought this would be a good baby step– #wycwyc amiright?

With their promo discount the first week for us only cost $29 and that was for two complete meals for a family of four so it was a pretty low risk experiment.

Well — the healthy, from-scratch, creative home cook in me can’t believe she’s about to say this but — we LOVE IT!

Our first week meals were Dukkah-Crusted Chicken, and Italian Meatloaf.

hello fresh screen shot

The instructions are simple and easy to follow (although The Husband complains that they just throw terms out like “mince” and “zest” so you do have to have at least a basic knowledge of cooking techniques), the portions are perfect if not slightly large and the meals are tasty. I should have taken pictures this week but I was too distracted.

Since one of our meals is for a picky 5-year-old we had enough leftovers each time for me to bring lunch to work the next day.

I hope not to have to use a service like this forever but in the short term it’s great for the transition and it’s helping to give my 41-year-old non-cooking husband confidence in the kitchen.

That, my friends, is priceless!

Let’s see, I could probably keep blabbing about the new job all morning but it’s getting late and this is already pretty long. Plus I’m going to try to make the one morning yoga class my gym offers so I’ve got to go!

I have a ton of other things I want to tell you like how my desk is full of snacks already and my two wardrobe malfunctions that happened in my first week to match the whole “L” interview incident but they will have to wait. At this point I can’t see myself blogging mid-week at all. When I get home it’s a mad rush with the kids and then I’m ready for bed, but I will for sure be checking in on the weekends. I shared a food find on Facebook during lunch on Friday and I joked that I think I’m going to like this return to the old way of blogging again. You know, when you just shared thoughts and tips and such without trying to make a damn living out of it.

It’s funny how it’s gone full circle for me. I loved riding that wave but I’m also glad it’s over.

Have a great week, guys!

Oh! I just remembered I did use my referral code link for Hello Fresh above so I will get credit if anyone tries it. I also have 4 free boxes to give away. Leave a comment if you want one. First come, first serve of course.  I’d rather give them away then let them sit there. Just let me know and I’ll shoot the email to whatever address you leave on the comments.

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