Slow and Steady Gains – Week 3

Today I wrapped up another week of my new training routine. It’s been a challenging 3 weeks and I’m starting to notice some changes in my strength. Nothing earth shattering but just slow and steady progress.

Here’s how this week shaped up.


Run turned walk.


Back Squat – 10 Reps as Heavy As Possible (AHAP) then 2 sets with in 90%
My goal was just to go a little heavier than last week’s 143 lbs and I did! I attempted 153 failed at 4 and then backed down and got 10 at 148! That meant I had to do 2 sets at 133. This is what I wrote in my notes when I was finished…  FUUUUUUUUCK. Yes, it was that hard.

Push Press – 10 Reps as Heavy As Possible (AHAP) then 2 sets with in 85%
Again, I tried to get 103 lbs for 10 reps. Last week I hit 8, this week 9 so that’s progress! I did my two drop sets at 88.

Then (this took me 13ish minutes — I don’t really watch the clock anymore)…
5 rounds:
10m Over Head  walking Lunges 25 lb plate
12 Push Ups
Run 100m


Snatch from hip- 5 reps AHAP + 2 sets @ 80%
I did the same at last week — 83 for 5 and then dropping down to 68.

I ended up skipping the clean pull and snatch deadlift. I was running out of time and exhausted.

Ring rows 25 reps x 5 sets — This was killer!


Back Squat 10 reps x 5 sets @ 85% max weight from Monday
I did 128 lbs and it seemed much easier than the 123 from last week!

Dumbbell Strict Press – 10 reps AHAP + 4 sets @ 80%
I did 2 – 30lb dumbells for the heavy set and then backed off the 25lbs for the drop sets. It was hard has hell.

Push Press – 10 reps x 5 sets @ 85% of Monday
I did three sets at 83 lbs (same as last week) super-setting it with barbell step ups – 10 each leg.


Clean from Hip – 5 reps AHAP + 4 sets @ 80%
I did 112 and then dropped to 93. Last week I did 108 then 88 so I’ll take it!

Then this and it sucked and I have no idea how long it took me… 
3 rounds
10 GHD situps
20m Standing broad jump with 15lb dumbells
30 Double unders


I was going to run but after all the jumping on Thursday my shins was shot.  So I took an actual rest day. Although my body is pretty much trained to wake up at 5 a.m. so I used the extra time to clean up the kitchen and make the kids some banana oat cups. #wycwyc 🙂

Saturday (Today)

It was max out day and I was flying solo.

Half my workout team is at the beach and the other half decided to do it Sunday instead.

Snatch 1 rep max
I decided to do my old technique of slowly inching up the weight so I did:
53,58 63,68,73,78,83,88,93, and 3 fails at 98 BUT I caught all of them in a squat. I was just slightly too forward and ended up dumping them. This I’ll take as a strength gain but a technique fail. I really need a coach. I’m positive I could have gotten it with someone giving me a few pointers.

Clean & Jerk 1 rep max
I did the same thing here and again I’ll take it as a small gain. I hit:
83,93,103,113,123, and then failed at 133 even though I caught in the squat but again I was too forward and dumped it when I tried to stand up. I’m not sure I would have been able to hit the jerk even if I was able to stand with it anyway. My 123 jerk was ugly.

Front Squat 3 rep max
I hit 133 —  again 5 lbs heavier than last week. I was not able to hit this for 2 just 3 weeks ago! And it’s only 10 lbs away from my official 1 rep max of 143!!

That wraps up the 3rd week with this new strength based program. I didn’t get two runs in like I wanted but that’s ok. I’m killing it overall.

I’m also still keeping up with the food journal. It’s only been a few days but I’m really into it at the moment. I’m enjoying the extra bit of accountability and it’s helping me balance out my meals a little more. Here’s today’s so far.

This morning I was planning on making an omelet but it turned into a scramble. You’ll have this.

Okay, it’s off to clean up. We have some shopping to do and a fight to watch!

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