Our Texas Adventure (and other stuff)

OMG, I have like a MILLION things to tell you! It’s been way too long since I’ve gotten a chance to blog. Well, that’s only half true. I haven’t been blogging partially because I have no time and partially because when I try I don’t know what to blog about. It’s definitely a byproduct of everything being great but not.

Thankfully I have my doctors appointment tomorrow. I’m hoping to get some answers.

Anyway, June has been a whirlwind with work, the end of the school year, and this guy’s birthday…


12, people.


Anyway, I also had to finish planning this year’s Mother-Sons trip.

Texas Road Trip

For those who don’t know, I plan a yearly trip for just for me and the kids. It’s a priority for me (for these reasons).

I posted this quick note the last day of our trip on Facebook and it really captures my feelings perfectly:

Here are a few (OK, a lot and I trimmed quite a few) photos from this year’s Texas Adventure.

As you can we were all smiles at the airport waiting for our flight.


The kids are complete goofballs at this age. It can get annoying but they are also funny as hell.


We landed late on Wednesday night and after a rental car fiasco (I reserved it at the wrong airport!) we checked into a hotel in Fort Worth. The next morning we hung out at the Water Gardens and had breakfast.


We also stumbled on this great JFK memorial.


Fort Worth was just one of our many stops, so we hit the open road, and headed for Abilene.


We visited Frontier Texas and then explored the Buffalo Gap Historic Village. The old schoolhouse was my favorite.


That night we stayed in Marathon, TX. Here are the boys taking in the night sky.


The next morning I wore them out by geocaching our way into Big Bend.


They were so hot and tired they wouldn’t even get out of the car for my traditional road sign photo. (These are my favorite)


We spent the night in Big Bend and explored mostly via car because it was so hot. I kind of liked it but the kids were melting. We did sneak in a short mile hike just for the views.


We also hit their new Fossil Discover exhibit. As you can see, the boys loved it.


Watching them explore the world is what I live for.


Seeing them bond is just a bonus.


It was quite a ride from Big Bend to Austin but we broke it up with more geocaching and a visit to the Cave without a Name, which was amazing by the way!


We spent our last two nights in Austin and the kids went nuts for the Texas-shaped waffles at the hotel.


In Austin, we visited Graffiti Park and we all had a blast contributing to the artwork.


Even after our spray-paint-in-the-face emergency.


We flushed it and he was fine so we continued on exploring and taking in the sights.


Our last day there we enjoyed the hotel pool (had it all to ourselves!) and had an amazing dinner at Matt’s El Rancho.


We ended up covering about 1,500 miles in five days. It sounds like a lot and I make quite an aggressive schedule but we don’t pressure ourselves to do everything. It’s a loose itinerary and we explore as we go.

This is the sixth Mother-Sons trip (well, 2 were minus Little Bean, because he was just too young)…

I plan on keeping this tradition as long as possible. Next year we are considering Oregon or maybe the Smoky Mountains. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

OK, I’ve got to go to bed! I’ll be back soon. I have a few other things happening I’d love to share. I just need to carve out some time to write again.

Oh! And in case you are wondering I use a website called Roadtrippers to help plan these trips.

6 comments On Our Texas Adventure (and other stuff)

  • Smoky Mountains NP would be awesome….your boys would love it. We were just there January 2017 and I can’t wait to return. Plus, there is so much to do close by that you could stay for a month and never see it all.

    We stayed in nearby Knoxville to add to the adventure but still get away from the touristy hype in the evenings.

    Hope the doctor goes well….our bodies don’t like the big 40 and I hope you get better news than I did a year ago.

  • I’ve been reading your blog now since 2011/2012 but have never written a comment. I just wanted to say I think you are such an amazing mom! You remind me of my mom. She always tried her best to make things fun and educational. I can remember so many adventures, big and small, with her. She taught me and SHOWED me that life is amazing and to make the best of it. You are doing the same for your kids. If they don’t already appreciate you now, they definitely will once they’re older.

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  • The Smoky Mountains – my “neck of the woods!”

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