Mom Guilt for the Win

It was a long day at work.


I came home exhausted, made some dinner and if I was left to my devices, would have collapsed on the couch and slept.

As you probably guessed, that didn’t happen. I have kids. Well, at the moment, A kid.

The 12-Year-Old is on his first solo adventure.

That was him on Saturday heading off for a five-day camp trip with a local church. The adventure includes volunteer work, whitewater rafting, and laser tag. He was all about it and I’m proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone.

With him gone and The Husband at tennis, it was only the 6-Year-Old and me tonight. If you have ever lived with a 6-year-old you know how needy they can be. It’s not diaper-change needy, it’s play-with-me-I-need-companionship-and-mental-stimulation needy, which is rough after a long day of work. It just is.

We ended up playing a board game before dinner and then it was time to pull out the gel pens.

I loved his idea of using black paper, and as you can see I used my upcoming vacation as inspiration.

After dinner clean-up, we headed out for a walk to the park. I had no desire to go, but the poor kid was stuck inside all day and already watched way too much TV so I bit the bullet and put myself on autopilot.

We strolled the half mile, talked about our day, played at the park and even found a geocache on our walk home.

I mean, look at his face in these photos. How could I let a little tiredness and a long day at work keep me from hanging out with him?

We got to spend some time together, take a walk and get some fresh air. Mom guilt for the win!

2 comments On Mom Guilt for the Win

  • They are growing up so fast! And I can see the 6-Year-Old’s tonsils! LOL! 🙂

  • Haha I thought he was holding an antibiotic pill bottle and showing his tonsils I thouht the Mom Guilt was gonna be that he said he was sick but you were too tired to take him to the doc and then found out he really WAS sick. Been there, done that myself actually. Anywho, glad he’s just super happy lol

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