In One Week …

I start my new job!

I can’t believe it. After a 7-year hiatus from traditional work I have accepted a marketing manager position for a national daycare franchise.

Next week at this time I’ll be in an office doing office-y things dressed in office-y clothes.

(Speaking of, I am in desperate need of a shopping trip. I haven’t had to wear “real” clothes in a very long time. Everything in my closet is way out of style and at least a size too small. Unfortunately, shopping is not my thing. I’ve just never been a fashion girl. Give me comfy sweats and a hoodie and I’m good, but that’s not why I’m blogging today,)

I’m going back to WORK ya’ll!

I’m a bag of mixed emotions.

For starters I’m ecstatic. I’ve been applying to positions for over a year now with little or no response. I was really starting to get worried I made myself unmarketable by pursuing the whole blogging/self-employment thing.

My excitement, however, is paired with nervousness. Even though I’ve worked consistently the past 7 years that work has been flexible and on my terms. Now I’ll be stuck in an office most of the day. The family is going to go through quite an adjustment and it does worry me.

That said, I’m ready to welcome back the structure of a full-time job. I’m looking forward to having co-workers and feeling productive again. I’m too much of a people person to continue working alone. I can’t wait to be on a team again.

I’m intrigued by the work as well. I’m embarking on a whole new career path. In the past I’ve always done technical work. I built websites, developed multimedia projects and taught technology at a community college. Now I’ll be diving into the world of marketing. As I said, I’m intrigued but it’s definitely a nudge outside my comfort zone, which — you guys know me — is right up my alley. I’m looking forward to the challenge!

This morning was a little bittersweet as I taught my last Fit Club class.

plank ball
Kids playing plank ball.

The elementary school gym teacher and I started this club last year. One day a week we’d bring the kids through some fun workouts.

Thankfully I’ll still be able to keep my morning workout routine. Getting myself used to working out first thing in the morning was probably the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to give it up. At least I can’t imagine myself doing so. I’m on like a 6-year streak of a.m. workouts!

I’m not sure I’ll be able to blog again before I start but I will definitely be back to share how the transition goes. You may think I’m crazy but I’m looking forward to the challenge of juggling everything. I think I thrive off problem solving. Is that weird?

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  • Congratulations! Good luck with the transition. After reading you all these years, I know you will do just fine.

  • Congratulations! I worked from home for 5.5 ish years and a few days before my baby went off to kindergarten, I started a brand new job. That was six months ago and I am so incredibly happy. It’s not been without its struggles, but I am **SO** freaking happy. I hope that you will be too! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations, Roni! Yay to new beginnings! Yay to new challenges! Hope you’ll find time to pop in here now and then to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. (Though the everyday chronicles are fun too!) I like reading about your thought processes. It helps me to gain a different perspective on the endless loop that goes on in my own mind.

  • Good luck I am sure all will work out great

  • Congrats! You seem to thrive on challenge and change, you’ll do great! And your family will adapt, they always do!


  • Congrats! I’m sure you will be great. Please keep us posted on how it goes & share all of your problem solving techniques. I have 2 boys & work full time….it is not without its challenges but I do feel it makes me a better Mom

  • Have you thought of trying a subscription clothing service to up your wardrobe? Trunk Club, StichFix, etc. It probably won’t be in time for next week, but it’s great to build up your wardrobe. I’ve got two little ones (nearly 3 and nearly 1) and work full time, so shopping for me is definitely not happening. I’ve been using StichFix since last summer and pretty much all the things I wear regularly are from it.

  • Wow, congrats and good luck Roni! You have lots of history with the learning curve of new experiences, so you know you might say “this was a big mistake” a few times before you hit the groove. But hit it you will, and then you will thrive like always. We’ll be pulling for you!

  • Just dropping in to say that’s lovely news and good luck.
    I’ve kept your post “I’ve got nothing” in my email Inbox for ages now as I wanted to drop by and just say “thank you, I appreciate your posts, I love your attitude, keep posting when you have the urge but never feel obliged, I learn little things from you all the time (recipes, good-attitude, accepting WYCWYC). So, thank you for taking the time to post when you do.

    No idea how the US is set up but department stores here have free Personal Shoppers (well, Debenhams does). You book a session, get a wee interview/assessment, then you’re given a cuppa and a magazine and they run off and find stuff for you. Try it on, choose what works, buy as much/little (no obligation) as you want, go home. My sister loves it and does it once a year. My friend and her partner (one a footballer, one an Active Schools employee so ZERO interest in clothes or shopping) used it for wedding outfits and both said it was the easiest shopping they ever did. Worth thinking about to save you time and effort.
    Or else just buy black trousers and a couple of nice tops and call yourself done!
    Karen (Scotland)

  • Congrats on the new job! I worked from home for 2.5 years and went back to an office a couple months ago. Best decision. I need to be with people and to get out of my house. Pretty much the only thing I miss is being able to go for a midday bike ride. 🙂

  • Good luck! I am so excited for you and can’t wait to hear all about it. I have also heard good things about and other services that bring clothes right to your door 🙂 Maybe they can be a sponsor!

  • Congrats! I have read your blogs, tried your recipes and been inspired by you for YEARS. I just came upon an old post I saved and decided to see what you were up ironic after 13 years of working from home I just started a “real” job (definition: have to wear nice clothes EVERY day!). I started in October and am happier than I’ve ever been. Sometimes change is exactly what you need. I wish you the very best!

  • A belated but hearty CONGRATULATIONS, Roni! I am sure it is going well and you are ROCKING the joint, full of new and exciting ideas and approaches to marketing for daycare!

  • Hi Roni!! I’ve fallen way behind on your posts (my issues, not because of you) I greatly enjoy your posts & updates. I just wanted to say “thanks”. It was nice of you to be honest about looking for a job for so long without much results. I made a big job change approx. 8 months ago & I’ve never been SO UNHAPPY in my entire life. I’ve been looking for something else for approx. 8 months & have had little to no results. Though it was encouraging to be (no offense to you) that someone with your college education/knowledge/drive had a hard time finding a job too, but now you seem very happy & I’m glad for you. Though I’ll miss you, hope that doesn’t sound too creepy!! 😉
    Hopefully I’ll find my “happy place” in a new career soon too!! Please wish me luck & I’ll look forward to your posts here & on FB whenever you have time.
    Good Luck & THANK YOU.

    • Keep looking!! I really was getting worried and now I love my job. It was worth waiting for!

      And no.. not creepy. I miss everyone too!

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