Two and Half Weeks Post-Hysterectomy Check in

Hey Guys! It’s been 2 and a half weeks since my hysterectomy, and I must say I feel fabulous! If I was to put a number on it, I’m about 90% back to my old self. There’s still a tinge here or there and some discomfort in my back sometimes but it’s really minor now.

It was hairy there for a bit. Week 1 was rough physically while week two was way more of an emotional rollercoaster. There were a few times I simply burst into tears, but I feel physically and emotionally way better this week.

I’m sure it helped that I started my new job Monday.

That’s my good old @PunnyOfficeBored outside my new office. I may have to change it’s IG handle as I don’t think I’ll ever be bored in my new position!

My job is to support the faculty with their technology needs and being the people person I am I’m loving the fact my job is so more in-person-focused. I’m also in charge of my area, and I’m getting to brainstorm and help decide on workflows, training and even room design. It’s great! Such a better fit for me than my last position.

Plus, it’s way more flexible. I’m at home now in the morning and going in late because I’m staying late for an event tonight. With the kids the ages they are, I feel so much less stress now that I can shift my hours when needed.

Anyway, the last week’s been great despite my crazy emotional state.

Last Friday the kids went to a painting class while the Husband and I had a date night.

We did the 2-mile color run as a family and walked the whole event.

(Yes, we know the photo bomber.)

Not everyone was happy about doing the whole thing (see below), but we still did it as a family.

I’ve also been cooking a lot more. 

This weekend I have friends coming over for dinner on Friday and a possible girls night currently being planned. I feel so much more like myself.

I feel so much more like myself. It’s wonderful!

Oh! And I even went to the gym yesterday. I didn’t lift anything but I rowed a little and did this workout I made up:

3 rounds
10 step ups
10 forward lunches
10 backward lunges

Then 12 minutes on the bike with rests to do some of my old back Physical Therapy exercises.

It was nice to see the old crew and I can’t wait to get back to my old lifting routine but I’m not rushing it. I don’t want to make my recovery any longer than it has to be. So I walk in the mornings (2-4 miles) and do some light exercises like yesterday when I feel up to it.

Okay, I’ve got to run and get to work.  Miss you guys! 🙂

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