Friday Fitness – Week 1

This week I started a new training program with my morning workout group. I haven’t blogged about my fitness ventures in a while because they were in a state of flux for a bit. I ended up leaving my first CrossFit gym (the one I was helping manage for a a little while) for a new CrossFit gym because I was starting to get unmotivated. The gym switch didn’t really help so I left the new gym for a 24-hour access gym and started lifting solo. I was going regularly but I missed the camaraderie of my original morning crew.

The morning crew persuaded me to come back and join them not for CrossFit classes but “Barebell club,” which is basically just a group of people who agree on a training regimen, lift together, and keep each other accountable.

The first few weeks we were following some of the programmings from Invictus, but we’ve since enlisted our favorite Olympic lifting coach to write us custom programming and I love it!

It’s strength centric, challenging and I don’t feel like I’m beating up my body like I sometimes do with traditional CrossFit classes. That said, it totally kicked my butt this week!

Here I am on Wednesday in a cheesy, sweaty selfie I took to send a friend in a text message…

And here’s the programming and my take on it…

Day 1

Back Squat – 10 reps AHAP (As Heavy As Possible) + 2 sets with in 90%
Back Squat is my nemesis. It’s my weakest lift by far in comparison to other lifts. I also seem to make the slowest progress with it. The heaviest I could do for 10 was 138 lbs. Then I did two sets at 123 lbs.

Push Press – 10 reps AHAP + 2 sets with in 90%
Now, in comparison, Push Press is one of my favorite lifts! I remember when my 1 rep was in the 70lb range. This week I was able to complete 10 reps at 95 lbs. Then I did 2 sets at 85 lbs.

Workout of the Day
3 rounds:
7 Strict Hand Stand Push Ups unbroken (I scaled to unbroken regular push ups)
500m row fast (My times were 1:58/2:14/2:06)


Snatch from Hip – 5 reps AHAP + 4 sets @ 80%
I love snatching from the hip! I was able to do 78lbs for 5 and then 4 sets at 63lbs.

Clean pull from hip – 10 reps x 5 sets @ 110% 1 rep max clean & jerk
I skipped for two reasons 1.) I was running out time, 2.) I’m not comfortable doing clean pulls without a coach. I know I need my form corrected.

Workout of the Day
3 rounds: (It took me 6:35)
10 Strict Toes-2-Bar
7 Dead Lift @ 95 lbs
4 Burpee over Bar

Day 3

Back Squat – 10 reps x 5 sets @ 85% max weight from Day
I did it with 117 lbs and it nearly killed me!

Strict Press- 10 reps AHAP + 4 sets @ 80%
Amazingly hard. I did the heavy set at 73lbs and the remaining 4 sets at 58 but I had to break up the 10. By the time I’d hit rep 8 I was dying!

Bench Press – 10 reps AHAP + 2 sets @ 90%
Bench is my favorite! I hit 103 lbs for 10 and then did 2 sets at 93. I remember when my 1 rep was 83!

Overhead Plate walking Lunges – 10 reps each leg x 5 sets
Murder! And I had to split them over 2 days because I ran out of time. So I finished them on Day 4.

Day 4

Clean from hip – 5 reps AHAP + 2 sets @ 80%
I really do love from the hip movements, less to mess up. I did 103 for 5 and then 2 sets at 83

Mid grip pull from hip – 10 reps x 5 sets @ 110% 1 rep max snatch
Again, not comfortable doing pulls without a coach so I skipped it.

Workout of the Day
3 rounds:
10 Strict Pull ups (I did them seated like this)
8 Tire Flips
10 Slam balls with a 30 lb ball

Day 5

Snatch- 1 rep max attempt
I hit 93, failed at 98

Clean and Jerk – 1 rep max
I hit 123 but powered it

Front Squat – 3 rep max
I reached 123. I almost got 133 but I failed on the 3 rep. Considering my 1 rep max is 143 I’ll take it!

Workout of the Day
Run 1 mile – Did it in 10:14

Great week, right? We’ve got 4 more weeks to go in this cycle. I’m excited to see how I progress.

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  • I love reading workouts! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  • These workouts are AMAZING! I had to google two of these lifts. I’ve been following the plan on the Wendler log you recommended a while back, during my recent resurgence of motivation to hit the gym. My gym mojo comes and goes and while I want to be consistent,l I feel like this time around I just want to GO WITH IT. I’m just enjoying the new challenge from the Wendler workouts and testing my abilities on the super low weights I can handle. It’s inspiring to know you started out right here where I’m at as far as lifting goes, and look what you do now!!

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